Restrooms, Sinks & Showers

Premier Double Towable Trailer

Designed for off-road and paved surfaces

Construction and agricultural workers don’t stay in the same spot for long, and the trailer keeps you and your employees from having to walk a long distance to use the restroom.


  • Convenient feature two portable restrooms one trailer.

  • Large tires for off road durability

  • Includes a soap dispenser, paper towels, self-contained sink with spigots, water tank.

  • Comes with SWPPP containment pans.

  • Meets GAP requirements.

  • Non-flushing toilet & urinal

  • Anti-slip flooring surface

  • Maximum ventilation to minimize odors

  • Occupancy indicator provides privacy to bathroom users


  • Pintle hook for transportation

  • Vehicle electrical connection

Width: 78″

Depth: 182″

Height: 103″