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4 Basin Utensil Sink

Our Four Basin Portable Sink is a blend of dish washing and hand washing stations. This portable dishwashing sink is a 4 compartment sink that is designed to provide you with everything you need to run a successful operation. A high divider allows for a separate hand washing station that meets health and hygiene standards. Each sink comes on heavy duty, swivel casters so it can easily be used indoors and outdoors. External water, power (110 V) and drain are required.

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Hot & cold running water

Food & Health dpt. compliant

4 stainless steel basins

1 hand wash basin

2 faucets

Fully self-contained

5-gallon bottle where waste goes in and 5-gallon bottle where waste goes out

5 gallon fresh and waste waste reservoirs


Weight: 207 pounds

Cabinet: W: 24”, L: 58”, H: 37.5”

Each basin: W: 12”, L: 14”, D: 12”

Hand washing sink: W: 9.5”, L: 11.5”, D: 4”

Width: 37”

Depth: 20”

Height: 46”