Our Team

1. Management Team

Our management team at Diamond keeps the roots of the business together. When we started the family business in 1998, we knew what it took to get the job done for our customers and how to get it done right. Our managers all started as drivers and/or technicians and have made their way up the chain. In other words, they have seen it all and have developed the expertise to create the proper systems and procedures to continue to get the job done right. And that is what keeps our customers coming back.

“SERVICE is our business and our commonsense approach helps us stay a leader in the industry.” – Eric De Jong, Owner

2. Dispatch Team

Our dispatchers are experts in creating daily routes and schedules for our drivers and service technicians. They are in full communication when there are road closures, accidents, traffic, emergencies, or changes in their route and/or schedules. They are all things transportation and they take pride in their ability to create efficient routes and scheduling.

*many of our dispatchers have been promoted from within so they are aware of the difficulties on the road

3. Leadership

Our leadership team consists of one individual per department who demonstrates qualities to successfully manage, train, encourage, and support other members of our staff. We believe having a leadership team allows us to stay in the know with what is going on inside our doors and outside our doors. This way we can work together to keep everyone happy and focused on their responsibilities and safety as a Diamond employee.


The Diamond standard of service starts with our safety and training team. They take pride in keeping up with best practices and revising methods when, and as often as needed. All of our equipment is hot-washed, scrubbed, and sanitized before we deliver it to you. Our vehicles are DOT inspected and certified, every driver is required to do a pre-trip and post-trip inspection, and every member of our team is carefully trained in the latest methods and practices to promise a safe environment to our customers.

*all new employees have a 2 week Diamond safety, compliance, and training class at headquarters


Our customer service team is the voice of Diamond. They deal with the daily needs of our customers. They take pride in making sure each and every one of our customers is happy with our service, no matter what the original reason was for their call. Our CSR team is located in Southern CA and they are extremely knowledgeable in the nuances with each service area.

6. Account Managers

Our account managers and their associates are the face of Diamond. They are industry experts and take pride in helping our customers every step of the way. They know all the ins and the outs of the business and can guide you through rental or service needs for your job site or event and can address any problems that you might be experiencing. Our outside sales team is always a call away and are more than happy to visit your site and/or facility to understand the full scope of the project. Each customer has a different story at Diamond and our sales and marketing teams are here to help you create yours.