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Importance of Washing Stations for Warehouse & Construction Sites Amid the Coronavirus Threat

With the global novel Coronavirus pandemic having infected over a million people worldwide and a quarter of a million in the US, you should do everything in your powers to prevent its spread at your work site or construction site. The WHO and FDA recommend washing hands thoroughly and maintaining social distancing to prevent the spread of the disease. This becomes even more important when outdoor workers are not within walking distance of toilet facilities with running water. Washing stations are a must have for warehouses and construction sites and are more important at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic is growing at an exponential rate.

Preventing Infection & Meeting Compliance Requirements

Construction and warehouse workers come in regular contact with each other, either directly or through surfaces. Thus, the risks of the contagion transmitting are very high. These protective measures at outdoor work sites are required not just to prevent the spread of the disease, but also to meet the hand-washing compliance requirements of the health department. The use of potable washing stations ensures that your work site achieves high level of sanitation and protection.

Many times warehouse workers are required to take preventative measures not to contaminate the products. This is even more important to follow in the current scenario. An important way to follow this instruction is to ensure that they regularly wash their hands. This is why warehouse owners or managers are required to provide washing stations. In the absence of regular sinks or bathrooms with running water, portable hand-washing stations and sinks make the ideal choice.

Choosing the Right Washing Stations

We at Diamond Environmental Services provide portable washing stations of different types and capacities to meet your worksite requirements. Our sinks or hand-washing stations are made as per OSHA and USDA guidelines for use by outdoor workers who don’t have access to regular bathroom and running water.

Some of the different types of sinks, hand sanitizers, and washing stations we provide are as follows:

  • 2-Basin Hand Wash Station: It works with a foot water pump, has non-potable fresh water, waste water holding tank, and soap dispenser.
  • 3-Basin Electric Station: It has 3 stainless steel basis, hot/cold running water, and 2 folding drain boards.
  • 3-Basin Propane Station: It has 3 stainless steel basins and runs on propane.
  • Hand Sanitizer: If your work site doesn’t require running water, but simple hand sanitizer for your workers, this station with 4 dispensers may be just the right option for you.

First Line of Defense

The use of washing stations on a job site acts as the first line of defense against infections from spreading. It makes sense to use them not just in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, but also as hand washing options before and after taking food. Your workers need to eat and providing portable washing stations can work as excellent deterrent against any kind of contamination.

The Coronavirus Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has been the biggest life-threatening event of its kind and level in the world since the Second World War. The US is the worst hit, having already suffered thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of infections. A potential cure is still expected to be several months away. In such a crippling scenario, the only way individuals and businesses can fight this pandemic is to take precautionary measures.

California has currently recorded over 11,000 infections and 240 deaths. We at Diamond Environmental Services have been providing portable sinks, restrooms, and other sanitation and emergency services for years. We recommend our 2-basin hands-free portable sinks that can be used without having to touch on any surface. We can also provide portable shower trailer suites for your workers.

Benefits of Shower Trailer Suites

Providing the facility to take showers can further help in reducing your workers getting infected. We offer 3 different portable shower station options:

  • Single Private Stall: It is supplied with hot and cold running water.
  • 6-Head Shower Trailer Suite: This shower trailer has 6 separate heads. It can be heated depending on the weather conditions. There are also 4 sinks at the rear and hot/cold running water.
  • 8-Head Shower Trailer Suite: This shower trailer has 8 separate heads and all the other features of our 6-head shower trailer.
  • 2-Stall Shower Suite: It has 2 separate shower heads and restroom stalls. The stalls can be heated and run hot/cold water.

It is recommended to install one or more shower trailers depending on the number of workers at your site.

As the number of infections continues to increase at a staggering rate, the authorities are taking increasingly stringent steps. As a contractor or warehouse owner or manager, you should be proactive to make your work site safer for your workers. Preventing any potential Covid-19 infections in your business can also help you prevent any chance of lock-down.

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