Some Unique Advantages Of Portable Event Restrooms


Portable toilets and restrooms are generally installed in places where there is either a total absence of main sewerage lines or the place is being temporarily used. In the lack of the main sewerage lines or even if it is difficult to connect a place to this main sewerage line; it is always advisable to opt for a portable toilet. On the other hand, temporary usage of a place for an event, occasion, get-together, party or concert etc., does not warrant the installation of a permanent toilet. But in both these situations, it is necessary to dispose of the accumulated wastes properly and the portable toilet provides the most appropriate solution for the same.

A portable toilet comprises a clean unit, the outlet of which leads to a composting tank wherein all the solid and liquid waste products are collected. This tank is emptied at regular intervals so as to prevent the build-up of any waste product and eliminate chances of odors permeating from it. But in some cases these portable toilets are equipped with more interior space, optional accessories etc., modern technology to further ease out the use of the same etc. These bigger sized, better equipped portable toilets are then known as Portable Event Restrooms.

These restrooms with attendees who might or might not be present, enable VIP treatment for people at places where they least expect it. Since sanitation plays a big role in the success of any event, occasion or gathering, the installation of a portable restroom manages to provide an impressive treatment for the guests and provide a personal touch to the organized event because of:

Flushable toilets: Portable toilets have to compromise on certain points because of the paucity of space but portable restrooms come equipped with many features of conventional bathroom plumbing systems like easy application of the flush. Thus the bathroom gets cleaned with fresh water every time someone flushes it after use. This keeps the bathroom clean and fresh looking for the nest user thereby creating a good impression in the mind of the guests.

Running water washbasins: A good hand wash after the use of the sanitary unit is always a preferred action. The presence of a washbasin with free-flowing hot and cold water makes creates a good impression in the minds of the user and also enables him to feel clean and happy. Additionally, some portable restrooms might be fitted with such exotic features like motion-activated faucets, decorative vanity units, counter-tops made of granite etc.

Interiors are climate controlled: The use of portable toilets can create discomfort in climates which are extremely hot or cold. The use of Portable Event Restrooms completely eliminates this discomfort because its interiors are climate controlled. Thus the interiors are pleasantly warm in winters and cool during hot summers because of the inbuilt heating and air-conditioning systems.

Odor elimination: Portable restrooms are technologically much advanced when compared to the standard portable toilets. This advancement has also resulted in the elimination of almost all odors from the restrooms by the use of modern methods of plumbing and installation of exhaust systems of high efficiency. This exhaust system helps to quickly transmit the odor to the waste collection tank and keep them trapped there to leave the restroom smelling fresh and clean.

Line control: Installation of a portable toilet can, at times, result in a chaotic rush by the crowd for the use of the same due to the unusually long waiting period one has to face. This can result in great discomfort among the guests and the audience. But portable restrooms come equipped with facilities to like multiple stalls, large cabins with more interior space, separate doors for the entry and exit of the users etc. These features not only make it easier to wait-in-line but also reduce the actual time spent waiting in the queue for use of the washroom.

Well-decorated interiors: The interiors of the Diamond Portable Event Restrooms are done up in style and are aesthetically appealing. Thus interiors are done up using soft muted decorative lighting which not only lights up the entire restroom properly but is also not very harsh on the user. The presence of ornate mirrors, decorative faucets, etc., also adds a touch of glamour to these portable restrooms thereby making the user feel good and in awe of the same.

Family friendly: People attending an event, a gathering or accession comprises of individuals as well as people with families. Thus the presence of a portable restroom at any event, occasion or gathering makes it easier for families to use it. This is especially true for people with kids, old and aged people and also people who are differently abled. Being family friendly thus increases the utility and functionality of these portable restrooms.
Portable restrooms are thus definitely much better both in use and aesthetics than the ordinary portable toilets. And ensuring good sanitary facilities at the venue always makes for happy guests and successful event organization by event managers.