Solar Flushing Restrooms Gaining Popularity

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Why Are Solar Flushing Restrooms Gaining Worldwide Popularity?

Portable washrooms are in the trend for some time now, and for genuine reasons. Easy to install, built-in features, and user-friendly even for the disabled, portable washrooms have made their way to various private and commercial establishments. Have you considered installing solar flushing restrooms, considering their eco-friendly features and wide range of amenities?

The reputed manufacturers have come up with feature-packed solar restrooms, that come with incandescent lighting, fresh-water faucets, convenience hooks for clothes and much more. With one of these restrooms in your outdoor space or commercial zone, you can give your staff and guests a more comfortable alternative.


You can buy solar flushing restrooms or avail them on rent, whenever required. As required, you can choose the amenities in these restrooms. For instance, you may opt for a restroom with a sink, or without it. Each of these units is roomy, completely private and well-ventilated.

Have a look at the standard features of solar flushing restrooms.

  • Available with sink, or without it
  • Fresh water flushing mechanism with hand or foot
  • Soap dispenser
  • Gender indicator
  • Lighting through solar panels
  • Exterior occupancy indicator
  • Door latch in the interior
  • Convenient coat hooks, corner shelf and mirror
  • Smooth design free from sharp edges
  • Slip-resistant floor

In case you are planning an event, or need these units commercially, you may reach out to the reputed manufacturers or suppliers.

Ideal for remote locations

You can install solar flushing restrooms in any location of your choice. In general, portable washrooms are used in construction sites like roads and buildings, ranches, farms, plantations and orchards. Besides, business owners have been installing these restrooms lately in commercial sites as well. Being portable and easy to install, they can easily fit most of the building designs seamlessly. Besides, if you want the environment-friendly waste solutions, you may consider using these solar restrooms.

The solar flushing restrooms are designed to handle different capacities, and you need to choose one depending on your requirements. Some of the best models can hold up to 200 gallons of water. Besides, they offer all the required amenities to the users.

Portable solar flushing toilets for small spaces

Well, you might be looking for compact portable washrooms for small spaces. Now, you can install solar flushing restrooms in areas with limited spaces like parking lots, construction sites, campsites, backyards and so on. Besides, you can easily get portable washrooms with luxury features. With the best models available in the market, you won’t be cramped for space when you use these restrooms. Moreover, the best restrooms adhere to ADA guidelines, ensuring that they can be used by the disabled with equal ease.

Even if you opt for smaller solar flushing restrooms, the capacity of the waste tank would be around 120 gallons. With the right dimensions and apt spacing, you can buy or rent these compact bathrooms for indoor or outdoor use.

Choose from a wide range of interior amenities

Presently, the reputed brands offer customized solar restrooms. With these models, it is easy to customize the interior amenities. For instance, people generally opt for features like oval sink, self-closing faucet with push-button and inbuilt trash receptacle. Now, you might want to include some customized fittings, like a towel hook, place to store bathroom accessories, etc.

The best portable restrooms come with flushing toilets, where you can use fresh water. Altogether, these restrooms are way more spacious, as compared to the traditional models. 

Installing solar flushing restrooms is easy. In case you are planning an event, or want to install one of these models for outdoor use around your commercial area, make sure to go for a branded portable restroom.

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