Social Distancing & Sanitization Stations

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Social Distancing & Sanitization Stations Effectiveness In Combating The Spread Of Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus already labeled a pandemic, there is a race against time to curb its spread. With several people affected around the globe and millions vulnerable to it, the Coronavirus is the most critical threat the world faces today. With no medicines or vaccines as yet developed and proved, the treatment of this pandemic is restricted to providing symptomatic relief and bolstering the autoimmune system of patients.

In such a scenario, it becomes essential to listen to health officials and World Health Organization (WHO) representatives when they stress on prevention and not on the cure of the disease. And prevention of Coronavirus spread can only be done by either of the two methods:

• Washing hands with soap for a period of 20 seconds as frequently as possible or after contact with things which are publicly used or touched and Maintaining social distancing.

To facilitate the first option, health officials and WHO recommends the use of soap and running water or sanitizers having an alcohol content of 60% or higher. Social distancing is directly related to staying safe at home, not partaking in huge gatherings, and generally staying away from crowded places.

Maintain Social Distancing In Community Gatherings

While being confined to homes can start to seem very frustrated, it is a precaution which individuals need to maintain so that community spread of the virus can be stopped. But there are certain social occasions or gatherings which might be too important to be postponed. In such instances, it becomes necessary to:

  • Ensure a 6 feet distance between two people,
  • Ask guests to bring their utensils,
  • Only allow virtual hugs and kisses or simulations at best,
  • Stay only for a limited time which should be the bare minimum required and
  • Ensure safe social distancing sanitization stations are amply installed.
    This use of social distancing sanitization stations is a novel idea brought forth by companies associated with providing rented sanitization services like
    Diamond Environmental Services. While providing clean sanitation facilities has always been their motto today, they have added social distancing to it. Consequently, they ensure the placement of sanitization stations at distances as appropriately required by the WHO. Thus people can publicly use these sanitization stations without continually having to worry about maintaining social distancing.
    These sanitization stations are available for weddings or any other important gathering. They also come in different options. Some have the necessary sanitization facilities in place, while others might have added facilities like a porta-potty or even a shower installed.

The availability of free-flowing water is the most significant advantage of the use of these sanitization stations. The dirty water that drains out after usage is also subjected to chemical treatment so that it does not give rise to infections.

Importance Of Social Distancing

Of course, maintaining social distancing by staying at home and avoiding these gatherings is the best possible way to combat this disease.

Social Distancing Is The Best Way To: Prevent transmission of asymptomatic cases: People who contract this virus but remain asymptomatic to it remain unaware of this acquisition. Consequently, they continue maintaining social contact and keep spreading this Coronavirus without their knowledge and intention. Social distancing helps prevent 90% of this spread.

Breaking The Contagion Chain: Several people around the globe are old and fall into the most- at-risk category. Thus breeding grounds of the virus or its epicenter can pose a massive threat to these vulnerable people, especially when asymptomatic people are moving around carrying the virus. Even if one of these people stays at home and maintains social distancing, he or she becomes the broken link and saves several people from getting affected. Thus social distancing becomes even more critical as it helps break the chain of the contagion.

Arrests Exponential Growth: Social distancing limits human contact, thereby lowering transmission rates and slowing down the infection. In this way, the exponential growth of the virus, as seen in counties like Italy, Spain, Iran, etc., can also be arrested and the disease spread contained. The exponential growth sees a slow start and seems harmless at first and then quickly spikes up and snowballs into something which then becomes unmanageable. Thus it is essential to containing it.

Coronavirus has been termed a pandemic, which effectively means that the whole global populace is susceptible to this infection and a potential conduit to its spread. Social distancing is perhaps the only way that can help the world win the war against this pandemic.