Restroom Trailers—What They Are And Their Uses

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Restroom Trailers For Rent

Restroom trailers have certain exclusive and unique uses which make them a favorable option for many people. This is because restroom trailers are nice and they are fancy, they are elegant and they are portable and they are also mobile. The design of the restroom trailer is such that it houses multiple stalls and toilets complete with wash basins, heaters, running water and even air conditioners, hair dryers, stereos, etc., in some cases.

These temporary restroom trailers are rented to service the needs of some people at the same time. Hence they make for beneficial additions to weddings, outdoor parties, and concerts, etc.

Some features which are generally found in restroom trailers are:

Flushable toilets: These restrooms come equipped with a conventional system of plumbing which operates in the same way as a home toilet. Hence fresh water is available with every flush thereby removing all unsightly wastes and ensuring that every visitor gets a clean toilet for use.

Sinks with running water: The availability of running water is a luxury that is readily available with restroom trailers. This makes them a favorite among guests who can easily wash and clean their hands due to the presence of a continuous flow of hot and cold water, as required. Some fancy restroom trailers even have motion activated faucets complete with granite countertops and beautiful decorative vanities.

Interiors are climate controlled: To ensure the complete comfort of the people using the restroom trailers, the interiors of the same are climate controlled. Hence it is neither too cold in the winter months nor too hot in the summer months. This climate controlled interior is maintained with the help of air-conditioning and heating elements and also because of the presence of insulated interior walls.

Odor reduction: Constant use of the restroom trailer can leave it with a bad odor which is not only unhygienic but also repulsive. This problem of bad smell is effectively solved in these restroom trailers with the installation of exhaust systems of high-efficiency. These exhaust systems enable proper trailer ventilation thereby eliminating the odors from the trailers into the wastewater holding tanks where they are trapped till such time as the event or party is over.

No waiting period: The availability of multiple stalls and toilets enables more number of people to use the trailer restrooms at the same time. This helps to reduce and at times even eliminate the need for waiting in queue to use the restrooms.

Well-lighted interiors: Lights placed strategically inside and outside the trailer restrooms make for a very cozy yet lighted ambiance. This allows the guests to use the restroom without any hassles even during late evening hours and also does away with the need for harsh lights to be present inside it.

Ample space: The space available within the trailer restroom is slightly more than those available in a normal restroom. This makes it easier for families with small children to use the restroom by providing the accompanying adult ample space to maneuver the child.

With features galore, the trailer restroom can be used to fulfill the needs of many different needs. Some of these requirements pertain to:

Special events: These include upscale events, formal parties, weddings, etc., wherein restroom trailers provide a way to fulfill functional sanitary needs in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. While simple restroom trailers are generally preferred, some events require the installation of luxurious and magnificent restroom trailers which have additional features like mirrors, porcelain sinks, marble floors, and countertops, etc.

Corporate retreats: These are generally fun-filled affairs held outdoors at some exotic location. While the availability of a limited number of restrooms is quite common, , they are not able to service the needs of the largely sized gathering. The installation of restroom trailers effectively solves this problem and also ensures clean, safe and sanitary sanitation for all the participants.

Home remodels: Remodelling a home is a common enough occurrence. But the renovation of the bathrooms can create quite a hassle especially if the inhabitants stay back during the renovation. The installation of restroom trailers ensures that people have a way of fulfilling their sanitary needs in a clean environment and also enable the remodeling to carry on without any hassles or wastage of time.

Disaster relief: Natural calamities and disasters have a way of wreaking havoc to houses and private properties leaving people homeless for the period that the features are not rebuilt. In these circumstances, restroom trailers become a much-needed commodity for use by the whole community, town or city which has suffered the ravages of the calamity.

The easy availability of these rental restroom trailers makes life much easy for many event managers, construction site workers, guests, etc. The fact that they can also be easily transported from one place to another is another feature which accounts for the immense utility, functionality, and popularity of these restroom trailers.

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