Renting vs buying: what should you do for emergency power?

events power station rental

Outdoor power supply for events and businesses or power backups for camps and parties all rely on generators. Believe it or not, some businesses like the construction and manufacturing can spend thousands of dollars on generators alone when it comes to buying and repairing them. You can however save a lot of money just by renting a generator set rather than buying it. There are always scenarios when you will need backup power or power in such places where the grid connectivity is not available. By opting for emergency generators on rent you can have access to the best generators and accessories.

In case of outdoor parties and events, it makes no sense in outright buying the power equipment. Just like the decorations, the generator will have no use for you at home after the event get over so it makes sense to rent it out. For businesses, emergency generators need to be rented instead of being bought. If power failure for a couple of hours is not something that worries you, then it is no need to buy emergency backup system. Renting one will give you more benefits than buying. There are many other benefits of renting vs buying that we have laid down below which you will find useful to take the right decision.

5 Reasons to rent you generator

  1. Cost – Let us be reasonable here. The reason you are even considering renting a generator is the cost of buying it. What people miss out is the cost of repair and maintenance that simply adds up to the price. On top of that you will need multiple accessories to get the best out of the generator and it only makes matters worse. That is not all, you will need to call in support which will be additional labor charge. The costs keep piling up. When you rent a generator, all of this is handled by the company at a significantly lesser cost, hence you don’t have to worry about anything.
  2. Flexibility – Suppose that you need a bigger generator due to the requirement at hand. What do you do? The smaller generator that you have bought will not be enough. You have already spent a fortune on it but now it is useless. Renting a generator from beginning will allow you to switch out the generator for a bigger one for a marginal cost. You could also go down a size or two if you feel the requirement can be met by a smaller set.
  3. Demo – Before you finalize on a generator, renting one enables you to try it before you can finalize it. There could be hundreds of possibilities why you will need to test the generator first, hence, it is prudent to rent it rather than buying it.
  4. Insurance and warranty – Breakdown of machinery is inevitable even if it is hand built from end to end. When you buy it, you need to pay for it again but when you rent a generator, you don’t need to worry about any warranty or insurance. The company pays for it and in worst case it will give you a brand new.
  5. Return it anytime – Maybe your plans changed, maybe your event got cancelled or it got over a day or two early. If you buy you generator you are stuck with it but if you rent it, just send it back! You don’t need a storage space to hang on to the generator even when you don’t need it.

Whatever be your need for a generator, emergency or otherwise, if you need it for several days or a few months, it is better to rent however, if you need it for longer period, then weigh you costs and options, if the price is same, just rent it.