Renting Hand Sanitizer Stations The Ultimate Guide

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Renting hand sanitizer stations and hand wash sinks with liquid soap dispensers, the Ultimate Guide.

Renting a hand sanitizer stations, a sink along with soap dispensers and handwash turns out to be a tricky task. You stumble upon too many options as you hunt for a durable, cost-effective, and practical accessory.

Well, you should know that tiled-in sinks used in houses may be fashionable. However, these are not always budget-friendly and practical. Particularly, if you are looking for a sink with liquid soap dispensers for commercial purposes, that would undergo heavy use. In this guide, you will come to know how you can choose the right model for your needs.

Things to consider before you purchase

In general, renting hand sanitizer stations, sinks for commercial use are made of porcelain-coated steel or stainless steel, which are sturdy indeed. Before you finalize the model, you need to check certain aspects like:

  • Mounting types
  • Mounting holes

Mounting types

While purchasing a new sink with liquid soap dispensers, you need to consider the mounting type. In this case, the countertop shape will determine how you would install the sink.

  • Top mount sinks: Top mount sinks or drop-in sinks can be easily installed. These sinks seamlessly fit into a hole that is cut beforehand. No additional support is required below the counter. These sinks may be rimmed or self-rimming. The sink’s lip would be balancing on the countertop. However, it might be difficult to clean this area.
  • Undermount sinks: In these models, the sinks do not have the extra lip around the countertop. You need to install undermount sinks from below with epoxy. Cleaning these sinks are easier, and these are sleek and modern. However, you may find undermount sinks costly. In general, these sinks are devoid of holes for attachments and faucets. Remember, you would need proper sealing and installation to avoid water drainage and leakage.

Mounting holes

When you buy a top mount sink with liquid soap dispenser, you can choose from models with different number of mounting holes.

  • 1-hole sinks: These are designed for faucets with single handle and do not have any deck plate
  • 2-hole sinks: Here, you can have a single-hole faucet and one other accessory, such as a sprayer
  • 3-hole sinks: Here, you can have only two-handle faucets, devoid of any accessory
  • 4-hole sinks: In this kind of sink, you can have a two-handle faucet, along with a soap dispenser

Choosing the right sink soap dispenser

While purchasing hand sanitizer and hand wash sinks with liquid soap dispensers, you would be looking for the right kind of dispenser. This would make the usage of soap economical. Besides, the finish of your soap dispenser would add to the aesthetics in your washroom.

Here, you will come across certain tips to choose your soap dispenser.

  • Purchase a soap dispenser with adequate capacity: In case you would install the sink in a commercial establishment, you would need a large soap dispenser.
  • Choose a design to complement convenience: Rather than going for stylish and animated designs, choose a dispenser that would go well with your interiors and settings.
  • Think where you would be placing the dispenser: In case you opt for a wall-mounted model, it would not take up much space. However, a standing pump dispenser would occupy more space.
  • Choose the right kind of soap: Although liquid soaps are common, you will come across foam and powder soap dispensers.
  • Pick the best material for the dispenser: It is recommended to buy a soap dispenser made from high-quality plastic or stainless steel.

You may be looking for a commercial sink to be used in hotels, condos, commercial buildings and apartments. While buying hand sanitizer and hand wash sinks with liquid soap dispensers, make sure to make the purchase from reputed brands. This ensures you the best mix of aesthetics, performance and durability.

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