Construction Portable Restrooms For Rent

construction portable restroom rental

Rent A Construction Portable Restroom For Increased Comfort At Construction Sites

Construction portable restrooms for rent are perfect for a construction site that is filled grime and sweat. People working there have to do physical labor irrespective of the weather conditions.

Thus come winter, summer or rain, they have to work tirelessly to ensure that the project is completed on time. Therefore they need to be provided with at least the essential amenities so that they can work correctly, safely and happily. Some of the standard facilities which should be present at all construction worksites are:

  • Clean drinking water,
  • Construction portable restrooms preferably with showers,
  • Safety aids and emergency medical provisions,
  • Transportation etc.

The provision of these amenities, exceptionally clean construction portable restrooms ensures healthy working conditions, which in turn make for a happy and healthy worker. Thus leaves taken due to illness will get reduced remarkably and the worksite would take on a comfortable, easy going atmosphere which will enhance the quality of work done and also ensure output on time.

Need for rented restrooms

The construction site is a temporary job-site wherein work is done only till such time as the building of the project is not entirely done. Thus after completion, all men involved in the day to day business of constructing and giving shape to the project will also become redundant for that project.

They will thus be shifted to other worksites where they are needed. This temporary nature of the job makes it mandatory for the onstruction portable restrooms installed to be temporary. Thus it is always better to rent these restrooms for construction worksites because:

  • Constructing an adequate number of restrooms for the construction workers can be quite a hassle,
  • Both construction and subsequent demolition of the restrooms are an expensive affair,
  • Maintaining the constructed restrooms and keeping them clean puts an extra burden on the construction site management,
  • Disposal of human wastes and dirty water can only be done by licensed personnel etc.

Advantages of installing rented portable restrooms

There are some construction companies which feel that installing restrooms in construction job-sites is a waste of money and energy since public toilets are readily available at nearby malls, gas stations, etc. But this logic is quite faulty since every time a worker has to use a restroom, he will have to travel a distance thereby missing out on valuable work hours and eventually harming the construction project as a whole.

Even for clients coming for a visit to the construction worksite to check on the progress can feel a bit anxious to see workers continually coming and going to and from the worksite. The work ethics of the construction company comes into question, and this creates a terrible impression in front of the clients.

Thus it is always advantageous to rent restrooms and get them installed at construction worksites. Other advantages of the same are:

Worker productivity improves: Rented portable onsite toilets and restrooms ensure that workers spend the lesser time to travel to the washroom, use it and come back.

This saves valuable work hours and also saves employees the hassle of finding a restroom whenever they feel the need for it. This makes employees happy and comfortable thereby increasing their productivity which in turn has a positive impact on the profitability of the project as a whole.

Privacy: In projects involving remodeling, it becomes embarrassing for the workers to use the client’s toilet. But installing a rented porta potty ensures that there is no breach of privacy for the client and also prevents him from having to face extra hassles during an already challenging time.

Ensures worksite sanitation and health: When rented restrooms are installed, it is the responsibility of the company renting out the restrooms like to ensure that it remains clean. This prevents the growth of disease-causing microbes thereby providing better health and proper sanitary facilities at the work sites.

Legal requirement: Today the installation of sanitary facilities for workers especially on construction worksites has become a legal requirement. Breaching this makes the construction company vulnerable to costly fines or even a cessation of all activities at the worksites. This results in the schedule going haywire and subsequently the company stands to lose a significant amount of money because of the same.

Economical: Renting restrooms is less expensive than constructing them. These lightweight restrooms are transported from their storage facilities and just installed in a flat area on the construction worksite. And when work gets over, these restrooms can only be lifted off the ground and transported back to their storage facilities. The whole process is quite inexpensive, and the rent charged for the duration of use is also relatively much less.

Thus portable restrooms have some advantages, and the installation of the same also saves space, money, time and energy. For construction companies developing projects, this idea makes for a very viable proposition which has long-term benefits.

Portable Construction Restrooms