The Pros And Cons Of Using A Porta Potty Rental

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A rented portable toilet may have seemed outrageous even a few decades back, but today it has become the mainstay of every outdoor event or work site. Hygienically safe and effectively odorless, the porta potty rental provides an opportunity of ensuring proper washroom facilities without getting into construction hassles. There are many companies like which hire out portable toilets on a regular basis. Today potty rental has become a lucrative business.

There are many different types of portable rental toilets available based on the requirements. Small outdoor gatherings and social dos would require only a single porta potty rental. But for larger groups like outdoor events about entertainment, fairs, festivals, construction sites, etc., it becomes necessary to install toilet trailers which individually house 1 to 2 toilets along with hand washing facilities.

There are also occasions which have a lot of glitterati and expensively dressed people in attendance. Such events like weddings, movie sets, awards night out, etc., require luxury toilets to suffice the washroom requirements both aesthetically and practically.

The price of a portable rental toilet, however, depends on two things:

-The type of porta potty rental and

-The time for which it is required.

Hence the simple single unit costs relatively less than the toilet trailers but seems to be priced on the higher side when compared to the cost of a permanent washroom. But the difficulties and hassles associated with the construction and further maintenance of a permanent toilet act as a deterrent in its construction. Some of the practical problems faced in the construction of permanent washrooms are:

-Space is permanently utilized which can lead to its scarcity in the future,

-Construction involves plumbing which, by necessity, needs to be connected to a sewage outlet to dispose of the waste materials,

-Installation of a water inlet from a permanent source becomes imperative, but the availability of the same might be suspect,

-Cleaning and regular maintenance would require the employment of stable people which would prove to be an extravagant affair since the use of this unit would be limited.

There are also other environmental hazards associated with the construction of permanent washrooms on spacious grounds. Open air permanent washrooms would also be prone to disrepair if its upkeep is not done on a regular basis. These problems led to the surge in popularity of companies like which make it easy for people to avail of the porta potty rental.

The fact that there is no time limit associated with renting a portable toilet makes it all the more advantageous. A portable toilet can, thus, be rented for a few hours to days, weeks, months and even years as long as the user pays the rent on time. While there are some companies which require about a day’s prior notice for enabling the installation of the rental toilet at its place of use, there are also companies which get the job done within a few hours.

There are many other advantages too associated with the use of the porta potty rental like:

-Portability or the ability to get transported to any outdoor site or location,

-Self-contained units enable it to be set up almost anywhere and everywhere there is some level ground available,

-Cleanliness since they are drained, disinfected, deodorised and sanitised on a very regular basis for the time period that it is in use,

-No hassle of clogging of pipes as is a regular problem with permanent toilets and washrooms.

Of course, there are some disadvantages associated with these porta potty rental units supplied by all online rental agencies like They are:

-Since the waste gets collected inside the bathroom, there might be a slight sewage smell. Statistically speaking, the portable toilet can hold sewage of about 7 people for a 40hour week. Thus the smell can be easily eliminated by cleaning it on a regular basis accordingly. Instances of overuse would require the frequency of the cleaning to be increased.

-There might also be instances wherein the installation of these temporary portable toilets might be subject to permission from the concerned municipality or city authorities. But keeping in view the sanitation and hygiene that is maintained because of the presence of these toilets, seeking and getting permission does not cause much of a hassle.

-They, however, lack wheelchair facilities as the space inside a porta potty rental unit is not enough to accommodate the same. This reduces their utility for events and occasions which will be frequented by differently abled people.

Also known as the Port-a-johns or the Portaloos, this temporary toilet has more advantages than disadvantages. In fact, the presence of disadvantages provides for the scope for improvement of the same. And with technological advances taking place, it would not be long before all these disadvantages are taken care of, further increasing their utility.