Portable Toilets That Are Popular

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Portable Toilets Different Types That Are Popular

Polluting the surroundings is never an option especially where excretory products from the human body is concerned. But then again when organising big events, promotions, rallies, gatherings etc., it is difficult to find places which are equipped to handle the washroom and toilet needs of so many people. Consequently the only option left with the organisers is to bring in portable toilets which can cater to the demands of these people.

Some coastal places like San Diego, Miami etc., too see a huge influx of tourists on their beaches, especially during the summers. Herein too setting up portable toilets is a good option and most Civic Officials ensure their set-up just before the advent of the summer. Hence in the coastal areas especially San Diego, portable toilets san Diego, can be commonly found.

The advancement of technology and ideas has affected the make and manufacture of portable toilets too. Consequently today, they are much more advanced both in design and utility. It is also seen that today there is a lot more variety available in the same so that different needs of the customers and clients can be catered to. But the biggest advantage is that irrespective of the use and the location of use, any and all applications generally have a perfect portable toilet solution that can cater successfully to their needs.

Thus irrespective of whether it is a construction site, a sports club or a camp, the following types of portable toilets can suffice any need in any location.

Chemical recirculating portable toilets: This is perhaps one of the most popular portable toilets san Diego available today. It uses an enhanced flush mechanism to ensure that the portable toilet is free from any odour and is also clean at all times. This mechanism is somewhat similar to that used in airplane toilets wherein the waste gets dropped into a tank and chemicals circulated with the simple use of either a handle or foot pump, after use. Since the tank remains closed when in use, the user too is saved from the stink and bad odour of the collected wastes. These chemical circulating portable toilets can also be equipped with certain extras like wash basins dispensing both hot and cold water, hand sanitizers etc. These Diamond portable toilets can also be easily converted into luxury chemical toilets by the addition of certain accessories like mirrors, shelf units, hand wash basins with foot pumps, mounting waste bins on the walls etc.

Portable toilets connected to mains: For areas wherein there is a facility to connect the portable toilets to the main sewerage lines, the same is availed to flush out the waste directly into it and not collect it in tanks. Offering a functionality very similar to the permanent toilets used in homes and commercial establishments, these portable toilets are also easy to install and can also be fitted with required accessories like wash basins, etc.

Portable toilets which self-serve: This is the traditional type of portable toilet still in vogue even today. It is generally used in areas wherein there is no facility for outside servicing. These portable toilets come equipped with a removable cassette toilet from where the wastes can be directly emptied into tanks which can again be emptied into a drain or other waste disposal site, when full. This type of portable toilet San Diego is easy and inexpensive to install, maintain and use.

Compost toilets: This is a green alternative to the traditional portable toilet which has been gaining popularity in the last few years. It can be used for a longer time, it can be installed in the backyard, it uses a waterless system, and it can separate the solid waste from the liquid waste which is further stored in composting bins till they can be cleaned also. In this type of portable toilet, composting sawdust is used to flush out the wastes from the toilet after every use.

Accessible toilets: These portable toilets have much more interior space and also possess a larger door thereby increasing their utility in most public events wherein guests need more interior space in the washroom like mothers having small babies, older adults, people who are differently abled, etc. At times these accessible portable toilets are also fitted with a table to facilitate an easy change of diapers and clothes for babies.

Portable toilets with a long drop: Generally used for events wherein the turnout is quite high, these portable toilets San Diego are all connected to a large tank installed underground which is used to collect all the solid and the liquid wastes. Because of the distance between the toilet and the compost bin, there is absolutely no waste build-up and no odor coming out of the toilets.
The use of portable toilets is definitely advantageous in more ways than one. The fact that they can also be rented for the amount of time required also makes it an inexpensive option which can be availed as and when needed to keep the environment and the surrounds clean and unpolluted.