Portable Toilets Available To Rent – The Different Types

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Types Of Portable Toilets Available To Rent

Portable toilets available to rent. Any project which involves the construction of a new building, renovation, or remodeling of an existing one comes under the purview of a construction project. New projects are generally built in places that lack the basic amenities that are otherwise found elsewhere. Thus their initial requirement after getting the go-ahead on a project is to ensure the set-up of:

  • Good sanitary facilities,
  • Availability of clean drinking water, both hot and cold,
  • Transportation in case the worksite is very far away from the city,
  • Fulfillment of some of the other supplementary needs like food, coffee, etc., in case there are none nearby, etc.

However, for remodeling, the availability of the necessary facilities might not be a problem. The use of the sanitary facilities already present can pose quite a problem since the house owners might still be residing in it and could voice privacy concerns.

Disadvantages Of Constructing Toilets

It is better to organize separate sanitary facilities for the people working on the projects. Constructing restrooms for the period of the construction is not a very feasible idea because:

    • The constructed washrooms have to be demolished at the end of the project thereby resulting in financial loss and
    • If the number of people working at the site is high, then washrooms have to be constructed to meet up with the sanitary demands, which would again result in financial loss.
    • Renting Toilets—A Practical Solution
    • Thus it makes sense, both practically and economically, to rent portable toilets and washrooms for all on-going construction projects right from the beginning because:
    • Portable toilets can be rented for an indefinite period if required,
    • Statistically speaking the cumulative rent to be paid for the whole period is lesser than the
    • cost of building and then demolishing the same number of toilets,
    • The number of toilets that need to be installed can be easily rented,
    • There are many options available which enable monetary savings when multiple toilets
    • need to be rented,
    • Cleaning and maintenance of these rented toilets are taken care of by the company
    • supplying the same like https://diamondprovides.com/,
    • The timely disposal of accumulated wastes is also taken care of in the proper way as
    • authorized by the state officials and
    • Transportation and installation can be done quickly, safely, and in quite a secure manner.
    • Different Options Available
    • Companies that rent out portable toilets are also well-equipped to rent out other accessories that are required. They also have many different options available for single and multiple toilets. Some of these options and accessories which are readily available with them are:

    Single Standard Toilets: These are usually meant for the use of one single person and are also known as the Basic restroom. They are free-standing and come equipped with a toilet, urinal, and a dispenser for keeping toilet paper. The inclusion of the hand-gel dispenser is optional. These are extremely useful for places where remodeling projects are going on, and the number of people employed is less. There are also options available where these standard toilets come with wheels for easy transportation around the construction worksite to maintain proximity with the place where construction is going on.

    Portable Restroom Stations: These are for use by many people at the same time and typically consist of 2 or more stalls. They may or may not have a divider to separate the use by men and women, or they might also be for unisex use. They come equipped with running water both for the sink and toilets since these are restroom stations. Some units might also be self-sufficient with the water storage tanks installed overhead. Large construction worksites that employ a massive number of people are ideal places for the installation of these restroom stations. The ability to be able to wash their hands and face and freshen up a bit before going home ensures a peaceful state of mind for the workers, thereby increasing their work output.

    Restrooms For The Differently-Abled: There are instances when differently-abled people might be working at a construction worksite. It becomes difficult for these people to use regular standard toilets and restrooms. In order to cater to their particular needs, most companies like DiamondProvides.com have provisions for specially equipped toilets and restrooms exclusively for the differently-abled.

    Freshwater Systems: In these toilets and restrooms, there are provisions for the attachment of specialized trailers with water holding tanks. These can be attached to the toilets so that freshwater is always available whenever the restroom is being used. These freshwater systems come in handy when the construction worksite is at a place that is far away from the nearest city and has no access to the city’s water lines.

    Shown above are several variations available to rent out basic restrooms. Thus it becomes easier for the construction companies to choose one which syncs in the most with their needs, thereby ensuring that good sanitary facilities are available. This makes for a jovial and easy- going atmosphere in the job-site, thereby increasing the overall productivity.