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Portable Toilet Rental Near Me – San Diego

Portable toilet rental San Diego are great for large gatherings, an outdoor party, a construction site or a movie set etc., everyone needs to use the bathroom. But to build one every time it is required, even if temporarily, is a hassle that few want to undertake. Hence online agencies like the diamondprovides.com supply portable toilet rental whenever and wherever it is required.

These toilets or porta-potties, as they are also known, come equipped with a toilet seat complete with a cover. The only difference is the presence of a chemical disinfectant instead of water in the toilet bowl. Constructed from lightweight moulded plastic, these temporary toilets are a great way to solve the problems of sewage disposal at places where permanent facilities are not available.

Historically speaking, the first portable toilet rental was known as a “strong box” and consisted of a molded solid chemical standalone toilet. The current variations have developed from this basic “strongbox.” Today, however, newer models come with a lot more alterations and additions that make it suitable for almost all other uses related to the toilet.

Traditionally these temporary potties, as can be hired from agencies such as DiamondProvides.com are large enough to accommodate only one occupant. But newer versions with variations might also include accessories such as toilet paper, antimicrobial hand sanitizer dispensers, soaps, towels, etc. The pairing of a hand washing internal arrangement with a portable toilet has today become quite common.

To be able to accommodate more people at one go, many agencies also have something called the “toilet trailer.” These trailers have either one or two toilets with a single hand washing station. Sometimes the absence of the hand washing station is supplemented by the presence of a plastic barrel filled with clean water for use.

Typically the portable toilet is a free-standing structure, the stability of which is supplemented by the weight of the water tank present. There are, however, two fundamental requirements for the installation and maintenance:

    • They need to be installed on flat ground and
    • They need to have ample space for the sewage collecting vehicle to clean them.

Traditionally consisting of a seated toilet as well as a urinal, both are well-equipped with:

  • Lockable doors to provide the necessary privacy,
  • Ventilators at the top to ensure proper circulation of fresh air and also to take out the stale or stinking air,

A vent pipe especially for the holding tank which is used to create a low-pressure area due to the presence of winds blowing the vent pipe. This, in turn, helps to suck out any prevalent bad odor leaving the portable toilet smelling fresh and clean.

Another form of the basic porta-potty as sold and hired by online agencies like DiamondProvides.com is the luxury porta potties. As the name suggests, these are usually either:

  • Mounted on relatively big trailers or
  • Are housed within converted shipping containers.

Luxury portable toilet rental generally consists of all amenities that are usually present in an excellent public bathroom. This includes the presence of:

  • Running water for use,
  • A flushing toilet to keep it clean,
  • Stalls to house a number of toilets in one trailer,
  • Separate urinals for use,
  • Vanity mirrors as required by women to augment their make-up,<
  • Good lighting by way of relatively exotic fixtures,
  • A geyser for the availability of hot ware and
  • Even an air-conditioner to enable the toilet to stay clean.

Since these luxury toilets are generally priced much higher than the normal portable toilet rental they are generally found in places like movie sets, outdoor weddings, charity events, etc. Herein luxury reigns supreme and paying a bit of money to take care of a potentially harmful situation is quite preferred.

Due to the closed space of a temporary porta-potty, if left unattended, it would start to smell very badly. To take care of this problem and also to increase the safety and hygiene of this toilet, chemical de-odorizes are put into the holding tank so that a small quantity of it is flushed out with every use.

This chemical, which generally has a formaldehyde base, interacts with the human excretory products thereby rendering them harmless. However, with environmental concerns taking priority, many a portable toilet advertised at websites like diamondprovides.com use enzymes instead of chemicals to break-down the excretory products.

A very distinctive and ingenious way of using this portable toilet is advertising. Companies wishing to advertise their products on these temporary toilets, tend to wrap them in the vinyl material containing graphic images, slogans, etc. These advertisements are said to be much more effective since people using these porta-potties are bound to see and read them.

This hygienically safe alternative to the setting up of permanent toilets is one which is both environmentally safe and convenient to use. Thus, the past few years have shown a marked increase in their use. It would not be wrong to say that with people understanding the need for a portable toilet, they are here to stay.

Portable Toilet Rental Near Me