Portable Sinks Increase Convenience At Events

2- basin hand wash sink

Portable Sinks Increase Convenience

Portable sinks are perhaps one of the most useful restroom rental benefits offered by the agencies. It helps to make it so much easier to wash hands correctly and in a sanitary manner wherever they are installed. This makes it a trendy option for places where there is a shortage of the traditional sink or in areas where it is not possible to install one. This means places like construction worksites, exhibition grounds, outdoor events, weddings etc., are all perfect places to install a portable sink either permanently or temporarily.

It is not only for hand washing that portable sinks are becoming popular, indoor portable sinks are now being regularly used to fulfill the washing requirements for catering and other food service operations, health and medical facilities, etc. The installation of portable sinks is becoming a mandatory government requirement for seeking permission to host events, festivals, etc., outdoors.

The utility of the portable sink also stems from the varieties available with rental agencies. Some of the more popular types are:

Hand-wash sink with 2 basins: The features of this sink include the availability of water which is fresh but non-potable being pumped out using foot pumps. It also includes a grey-water holding tank and dispensers for liquid soap and paper towels.

Electric sink with 3 basins: This type of portable sink requires a 110volt power to operate and absolutely complies with all the rules and regulations laid down by the food and health departments. it also has facilities for running both hot and cold water, comes with 3 sinks made of stainless steel and 2 drainboards which can be folded when not in use.

Propane sink with 3 basins: As the name suggests, it operates on propane and thus also has hot and cold water running from its taps. There are 3 stainless steel sinks present combined with 2 foldable drain boards and thus have the capability of being made into a self-contained unit.

Utensil sinks with 4 basins: Ideal for catering and foodservice operations, this portable sink has 4 basins made of stainless steel along with a hand basin also attached to it. Both hot and cold water is available from the 2 faucets present and the whole set-up is compliant with the rules and regulations of the food and health departments. It is also a fully self-contained unit which increases its utility and functionality.

Hand sanitizers: Many people prefer to use the sanitizer instead of washing their hands. To cater to the needs of these people, portable sink rental agencies also have hand sanitizer stations with a minimum of 4 dispensers. To make this station accessible to people of wheelchairs, one of the dispensers is built at a level which is low enough to be accessed by people on wheelchairs. Since this is a sanitizer dispenser unit, there are no water dispensing taps or no connection for the inlet of water into it.

Containment pans: As the name suggests, these are eco-friendly, impact resistant drip trays used to contain water. It fits easily into most portable restrooms and is a mandatory feature of the same without which no restroom or portable sink can function properly.

Generally in any event, occasion or any worksite where portable restrooms are installed, there is a portable sink installed for every 5 such portable restrooms. However, this is a minimum requirement and the more portable sinks installed, the convenient it is for the people using them. This not only helps people to keep their hands clean but also prevents the spreading of disease-causing germs and bacteria.  The presence of the portable sink provides the users with a washbasin deep enough to wash their hands till their wrists and also arms if required.

Portable sinks are lightweight which makes it easy to move them from one place to another. Since they generally contain enough water to facilitate about 300 washes before they need refilling, they are also very convenient to use. The used water or the wastewater is taken away with the help of an outlet which connects it to a holding tank. This holding tank stores the used wastewater and also traps odors thereby making the portable sink clean and further increasing its popularity and functionality.

The use of portable sinks is gaining popularity basically because of the following three important reasons for:

Proper sanitation: It is a well-known fact that portable sinks are self-contained units enables them to be installed in all and every place irrespective of whether there is proper plumbing and a constant flow of water available. Thus they essentially provide for proper sanitation wherever they are installed.

Expediency: The convenience of these sinks, in any event, does not come to a close with all guests leaving. They also help in the food preparation and even the clean-up afterward. Hence their convenience in multiple fields cannot be denied.

Cost-effective: The installation of a traditional sink can be quite expensive. The portable sink offers a cost-effective solution in such places.

In fact, for most places, portable sinks can be taken on rent and installed for as many days as required. This ensures a convenient and sanitized way of washing hands for all people present in that particular place or venue.

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