Porta Potty Rental What You Need To Know

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Porta Potty Rental All There Is To Know

Porta potty rental has become very common and anyone or everyone who has attended a function or been invited to a gathering or taken part in an important event. Effectively a portable toilet these porta potties are also known as Port-a-John or Port-a-Jane, Portaloo, etc.

A porta-potty is a portable toilet unit which can be temporarily installed at any venue. Some places which commonly use them are construction sites, stadiums, wedding venues, outdoor movie shooting sites, backyard parties, concerts, country fairs, parking lots, campsites, landfills etc.

As a concept, they are outstanding both for their convenience and functionality. This is what makes the porta potty an ideal solution for areas undergoing disaster relief. Thus porta potty rental Southern California is quite popular since this region has to face the onslaught of many a hurricane which hit its coastal towns and cities.

Some of the advantages associated with the porta potty are:

Convenience and waste sanitation wherein the waste gets disposed of in the proper manner without causing any concern either for people taking part in the event or workplace as well as for people residing around the place,

Proper crowd control is enabled due to the presence of the porta-potty since there is no chaotic rush by people to fulfill their sanitary needs anywhere and everywhere,

Handwashing station access is also available along with the porta potty as an additional feature,

Minimal breaks of service are facilitated especially when used in construction and movie shooting sites,

Powerful deodorizing agents used both disinfect and manage the waste,

Affordable and inexpensive since they can also be rented for any period of time,

No plumbing issues and no risk of any clogging of pipes,

Easy to transport and easy to install.
Additionally, a porta potty can also be rented either singly or with accessories like hand wash basins, mirrors, soap, dispensers, paper towels etc. Hence a porta potty can be a single small ordinary unit or can also be converted into a luxury portable unit for toilets, washbasins, and showers, complete with ornate lights, gilded mirrors etc. These luxurious basins are oft5en installed for events which are slated to face visits by VVIPs etc.

Certain things to look for when availing the services of porta potty rental Southern California are:

Type of sanitation services provided: This actually depends on the size of the compost tank attached to the porta potty. Thus for small tanks, everyday cleaning is required but for larger tanks cleaning at periodic intervals would suffice to keep it clean and odor-free. Therefore at the time of availing rental services from porta potty rental agencies, it is best to know the kind of cleaning service that accompanies the installation of the porta potty rented.

Accompanying the accessories: There are instances wherein porta potties come equipped with liquid soap dispensers and paper towels, tank chemicals to disinfect and, etc. Hence care must be taken to know the accessories provided and whether they are a one-time provision given or if the service of refilling the accessories can be enjoyed throughout the time that clients rent the porta potty.

Maintenance contracts: For porta potties which are required for very long stretches of time, it is best to opt for an annual maintenance contract for the cleaning, disinfecting and proper maintenance of the same. This will ensure a cleaner environment all around and also make for happy people, workers etc.; people who are using the porta potty on a daily basis.

Time period: There is no limit to the time period for which the porta potty can be rented. It can be rented for a few hours, days, months or even years at a stretch. Hence care should be taken to ensure that the same is cleaned and maintained properly during that time period.

Installation: The place for installation of the same needs to have certain specific requirements. While porta party can also be installed on backyards, care should be taken to ensure that ample space is left for the waste collection or service vacuum truck to easily maneuver to a perfect position for collection of the wastes.

Requirements for installation: For the installation of a diamond standard porta potty rental Southern California, no special hook-ups are required. But the restroom trailers which are upgraded and luxurious need the installation of certain things like the air conditioning, lighting, heating etc. Hence care should be taken to ensure the availability of electricity even before a porta potty rental agency is even approached.
The purpose plays a big role in helping one choose the perfect type of porta potty on rent. The type of food provided, the drinks served, the presence of the male-female ratio etc., are factors which affect the final choice of the porta potty. Hence this along with the decided budget contributes to making the correct choice of the same.