Make Your Event A Super Success By Renting Portable Washrooms

portable farming bathrooms

Planning an outdoor event requires many details to be taken care of. One such feature which is too important to neglect is the need for washroom/restroom facilities at the venue. While at one time this was considered to be a problem, the introduction of the portable toilet rental makes for an easy solution to this problem. Also, the fact that these rented toilets come in a huge variety of designs and structures further helps to increase its utility.

The need for a portable toilet is not restricted to concerts and other such outdoor events. In fact today even movie sets designed for outdoor shoots require them. Other events which also benefits from the convenience of a portable washroom are parking lots, construction sites, stadiums, golf courses, country fairs etc. With such a huge demand to be catered to, today porta potty rental means big business. It is thus, no wonder that many companies like, are involved in it.

There are many advantages associated with renting and using a portable restroom. Some of the significant benefits are:

Convenience: The ease with which these rental toilers can be set up and dismantled makes it a very convenient option — the fact that they are also easy to transport by being mobile increases their convenience. Setting up of many portable restroom makes it easier to control the crowd and prevents them from enduring the inconvenience and hassles of long queues to use the toilet.

Waste management: The need for sanitation is paramount in places slated to witness planned crowd gatherings for events, concerts, etc. The concept of a rental toilet ensures proper hygiene and cleanliness by:

Providing easy access to hand washing stations,
Enabling adequate treatment of human waste thereby leading to proper waste management and
Doing away with plumbing issues like clogging thus increasing their efficiency and effectiveness.

Affordable: It is a fact that a porta potty rental service comes quite cheap as compared to the other alternatives available. This makes for an affordable solution for people who work under budgetary constraints.

Hygiene: The maintenance and cleaning of a portable potty can be done quite easily by
Ensuring that a vacuum truck services it regularly in order to keep it clean,
Controlling any foul odor which might be emitted by using a deodorizing blue detergent water,
Stocking it up with toilet paper, sanitizers and other tank chemicals that are required, etc.

No set-up hassles:  A portable toilet is also very easy to install. Its setup will not result in the disruption of the event or of ongoing work in any way. It does not have or need any special requirements for its structure other than a level surface so as to prevent it from wobbling. In the instance of setting up a luxury or upgraded rental potty, the availability of electricity becomes mandatory so that the water pressure pumps, heating, air-conditioning, and lighting can be set up.

Of course, the location of the portable toilet needs to be dry and easily accessible. For larger events, it is better to place many portable toilets in strategic places spread all over the event area.

Availability: It is also straightforward to procure a portable rental toilet. While some companies might need to be notified early, there are also other companies which do same day setups. The period for a potty rental is also not fixed. Hence they can be rented for as less as a day to as much as months or even years.

Today the use of these rented toilets is even supported by law which requires construction sites and other outdoor job sites to install portable restrooms. This is to ensure the comfort of the large number of workers that they employ.

The number of portable toilets that need to be installed largely depends on three very influential factors. They are:

The number of people attending the event, function etc. This also includes the number of people frequenting a particular workplace, The duration for which an event is to take place. This effectively means that events and workplaces setup for shorter durations will require a lesser number of portable toilets to be rented as compared to ones which will go on for longer durations and The possibility of alcohol being served at the event. This is because it is a known fact that people need to use the bathroom more frequently after consuming alcoholic drinks especially beer.

Another exciting feature of a portable toilet rental is the availability of portable toilets which can be easily accessed by people with handicaps. This handicap enables rented toilets also make it easier for small children to access it. Thus ensuring the availability of at least one handicap-access portable restroom makes for proper planning and management of the whole event.