Emergency Restrooms – There Are Different Types

emergency restrooms

Emergency restrooms. A natural disaster can strike anywhere, anytime and you cannot be prepared for it. Whether it is a flash flood, heavy storms or tornados, nature’s wrath is spares nothing in its way.

During disasters, all residential and commercial establishments suffer great losses and people are left scrambling for resources, food and shelter all at the same time. In such situations, emergency restrooms are immediately needed. People need highly responsive disaster management teams that can deploy personnel and machinery within the hour so that relief reaches them as soon as possible.

A big part of providing relief to disaster-struck areas constitutes providing shelter and making restrooms available to the public at large. At such times, mobile restrooms and shower trailers offer some respite from the agony that follows any disaster.

What to do in case you need access to emergency restrooms?

Depending on the need, manufacturers and rental companies can hook you up with mobile units which you can deploy in the desired location. Renting these restrooms is a hassle-free and straightforward process if you are using the services of reputed companies, like Diamond Environmental Services.

They maintain a good amount of inventory so that assistance can be provided wherever it is required. In case you are in immediate need of portable washrooms, you should do the following:

    • Call for assistance – Rental companies almost always have a 24-hour helpline in case people need disaster relief. You can directly get in touch with them by calling on the number mentioned online. In case there is an issue with the mobile phone services, you can use the local directories and landlines.


    • Do not waste time in negotiation – Time is of the essence after any disaster has struck so, you need to get things done quickly. Most of the times emergency restrooms are available at discounts during disasters hence you should not worry about being duped or taken advantage of.
    • Opt for an open-ended contract – You cannot predict for how long the emergency showers and trailer restrooms will be required hence o not fix a deadline while you are arranging for them. 


Are there different types of emergency restrooms?

Just like any other utility equipment, portable restrooms, also known as porta potties, come in various shapes and sizes. Various types can be classified as follows – 

  • Size – This can range from a single unit having either a shower or a toilet to a large unit having a toilet, shower area and a washbasin in one unit.
  • Make – The Restrooms you want to deploy can be made of plastic, metal or even have a complete tile cover on the inside. Depending on how elaborate you want the experience to be, there can be luxurious units or cheap units that simply get the job done.
  • Mobility – Portability can also be of various levels when it comes to toilets. You can have fixed units which although can be installed anywhere but once installed cannot be moved. On the other hand, you can opt for ultra-mobile units which can be moved around freely whenever you need and are always ready to use.
  • Drainage – This can be of two types, one that can directly be connected to the sewage system and one that is attached to a septic tank. Depending on the type of mobility and portability you need, you need to choose the drainage

Rental companies like Diamond Environmental Services keep the full range of these emergency utilities. You can rest assured of the quality and durability of these units even if you have deployed the cheapest ones in your area.

These units are fully functional restrooms that are designed specifically to work in areas where there is limited access to water or electricity. This means they can be connected to water tanks and generators in case there is a dearth of supply. 

Rental companies understand how critical it is to provide emergency services for the dignity and moral support of the affected people. Clean and sanitary portable restrooms are a basic human right that should not be compromised at any cost.

It is not just the victims who require such relief but also the volunteers and personnel deployed for the relief work who need proper areas to shower and clean themselves up.

It is easy to get your hands-on emergency services and utilities hence if you find yourself in such a situation, remember help is just a call away.


Emergency Restrooms