Diamond Environmental Services Responds to COVID-19 Crisis by Donating a Truckload of Toilet Paper to Jewish Family Service

Diamond Provides Toilet Paper Donation

The coronavirus pandemic has been having an extreme impact on many communities. In California, Diamond Environmental Services is helping communities wherever they can. The company recently reached out to organizations like Jewish Family Services (JFS) with substantial donations.

California has been struck hard by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Beyond health, there is the strain communities are under to get necessities like toilet paper. Diamond Environmental Services has stepped up to help, among others by donating a truckload of toilet paper to San Diego’s Jewish Family Service.

“We were researching who was really looking for help and got word about the Jewish Family Service, whom are doing tremendously good work by helping those in need” commented a spokesperson from the company. “The coronavirus has inspired us to be even more supportive of our communities. Besides helping JFS, we are also pumping the tanks of RV’s for MD’s at discounted rates.”

Over 540 cases with 62.4000 rolls of toilet paper are being shipped four to five pallets at a time as quickly as they can be distributed. They are being donated to the elderly first, with additional rolls going into food bags for those in need and to the Safe Parking Program. Last week toilet paper was home delivered to 668 seniors as part of their home delivered meals. Another 566 households received toilet paper during JFS’s no-touch Drive Thru Food Distribution.

The company has been designated as an Essential Services company that remains open during the coronavirus crisis. As such, Diamond has been actively servicing the military, hospitals, homeless shelters and others in need.