Crowd Control Barricade Rentals What To Know

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Crowd control barricade rentals are needed. If you want to organize an event that involves hundreds of attendees, then you must understand the importance of barricades and how they help in controlling the crowds. Whether it is a parade, a concert, a carnival and specially during festivals, crowd control barriers are an absolute necessity.

You need to plan ahead and arrange for a comfortable number of units so you never run short of them because when it comes to a crowd, you surely can’t manage things if you are short-handed. As an event organizer, it is not always necessary to own every piece of equipment and tool that you use.

Most of the equipment like tents, lights, stage, etc. is usually rented out and so are barricades. Crowd control barricade rentals are easily available with your local suppliers. Diamond Environmental Services is one such company that provides you with good quality sturdy barricades of various shapes and sizes.

Crowd control barricade rentals – understand various types

Controlling the crowd means different for different kinds of events. You might not always organize music festivals and huge crowds that fill the arena. It might also be the case that the crowd you host consists only of families or senior citizens. Whatever the type, you need to know which crowd needs what kind of barricade

  • Plastic barricade – These are large units usually seen on the roads that are used by police to control protesting crowd or rallying crowds. These are not heavy and are used to close a section or direct the crowd in a particular direction. They are also called as pedestrian barricades owing to the nature of deployment. Jersey Barriers are an example of this type.
  • Metal Barricade – Usually in the shape of fences, these are chest-high modules that can be attached to each other to form a single barrier. These can be fixed to the ground to prevent displacement. Usually employed in concerts near the stage or to demarcate different zones, these are heavy and cannot be easily moved.
  • Stanchion – These are used for a single purpose which is to direct queues at ticketing counters, snack counters or wherever you wish to form single lines. These are generally attached with modular strips that can be retrofitted to each other so that you can quickly increase or decrease the travel path depending on the crowd.

All types of crowd control barricade rentals are easily available with the local suppliers in your area. You can strike a bargain depending on the quantity or the quality of barricades you require.

Crowd control barricade rentals ease your burden

A barricade’s ultimate goal is to provide a safe and controlled environment for everyone participating in the event and also for those who are not a part of the event. Barricades eliminate or limit the likelihood of accidents or injuries. This is because barriers provide visual cues to the crowd to behave in a particular fashion. We are used to seeing barricades in our daily lives so much that we do not even give it a second thought when we see one and simply do as directed by it.

Here is why you should rent crowd control barriers for all your events:

  • Safety – Avoid all sorts of hazardous situations like aggressive crowds or stampedes.
  • Point the way – In a large event it can be difficult to find what you are looking for. A good event organizer will use barricades to point you from A to B.
  • Enclosures – For any ticket based event, you need to separate the VIP crowd from the gold or silver crowd. Barricades help you achieve just that.
  • Peace of mind – Properly barricading your event will do the job silently in the background. 

  • Reduce costs – Hiring people to control a crowd is always expensive than using barricades. You might be able to cut the costs by 80% just by switching to barricades.

The importance of barricades cannot be overstated when it comes to controlling the crowd or organizing any event when you expect a huge number of disparate people to attend it.

By connecting with Diamond Environmental Services you can quickly order and easily obtain barricades on rent to use for the event. Even in between an event if you feel that you are falling short, simply reach out to them and get the best rental deals.


Crowd control barricade rentals