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Construction Site Portable Rental Toilets For Hygienic Sanitation

Construction site portable rental toilets for construction sites where a large number of people are generally employed at the same time. With such a huge turnout, on a day to day basis, it is quite natural that they would require sanitation facilities.

Also because the period of construction is relatively long, the sanitary facilities have to be kept clean and hygienic to prevent sicknesses at bay, which would otherwise slow down or hamper the progress of the construction by stalling many essential aspects. Considering the loss that would occur in such an instance, installing portable potty rentals for development seems to be safer money and time-saving process.

The installation of the portable rental toilet to meet the needs and demands of individuals working on the construction site makes for a clean and healthy environment. Some of the popular types of portable potty rentals marketed by online agencies like and which are ideal for outdoor worksites are:

Standard single stalls: These are sole occupant portable toilets with a free-standing structure typically including the essential amenities required for construction sites like toilet paper, anti-bacterial hand gels in dispensers, etc.

Trailer toilet stations: These are a collection of standard single stalls arranged in a series, one after the other. They may be exclusively for men, women or unisex. They are cost effective and come with amenities like running water both in wash basins and toilets which is services from an onsite water storage unit.

High-rise portable toilets: These become a necessity when the project involves the construction of high-rise buildings. Since going up and coming down the whole building is a time taking process, the presence of portable toilets on certain floors makes it easily accessible to the workers.

Mobile office toilets: People present on the construction site comprise many different designations. The presence of top-ranking officials with temporary office set-ups in the worksite will require office toilets attached to their offices.

Heavy duty portable restrooms: These provide full facilities for a toilet with running water and even shower cubicles. Also if a few of these restrooms are installed along with portable potty rentals for construction sites, it provides a lot of relief especially in days that are hot and dusty.

Some worksites also feature single and trailer showers to wash off after a day’s intense work in the sun. Hand wash sinks near these portable toilets also of a great help especially in sites involving a lot of dirty work. The standard single stalls are ideal for places with a smaller workforce and the trailer toilets are generally installed in constructions with a larger workforce. Of course, both the types can also be used in combination to ensure the best available sanitary comfort at the sites.

Some factors which influence the setting up of these temporary portable potty rentals for construction sites are:

Duration of the work: The amount of work that needs to be done and the duration within which it is to be concluded is the determining factor in working out the number of portable toilets to be installed. Also, long-term projects require a number of service calls as compared to short-term projects.

Site traffic: It is generally seen that sites which are prone to more traffic require a number of portable toilets while those with lesser traffic will expect a more secondary number of bathrooms. Construction sites employing more number of people will also need frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Size of the construction site: For a construction area of smaller size, setting up units in one location id generally enough to serve the needs of the workers. But for construction sites with larger diameters, portable toilet units and trailers have to be set up at multiple places for the use of the people working in and around the area.

Portable rental toilet size: The gear that construction site workers wear includes hard hats, tools belt, and other safety gear. With all these extras in place, it may be difficult for them to squeeze through the small openings of the portable potty rented.

As a solution to this problem, agencies like have provisions for the installation of more full and taller doors in them. Hence while looking for portable toilets on rent one should specifically search for portable potty rentals for construction sites only.

Thus to determine the optimum number of portable toilets required for a site, one should know the:

  • Number of workers working in a shift and
  • The number of changes per day.

Since a standard 40hr week is maintained, one portable toilet per 10 workers should be provided. With no other alternatives available, the knowledge of the presence of clean sanitary benefits helps boost up the morale of the workers and also keep urinary infections at bay. This further translates into better work output and faster completion of the construction project.

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