Construction Rentals Portable Sinks Hand Sanitizers

July 2, 2022

Construction rentals portable sinks hand sanitizers. Advantages of using portable sinks and hand sanitizers at construction sites. Whether you are organizing public gatherings and occasions, or have construction work running at the site, you would prioritize the convenience of washing hands, right? With portable sinks and hand sanitizers available on rent, it’s easy to organize events. Particularly, when traditional facilities for washing hands or sanitizing the same aren’t available, it makes sense to go for construction rentals portable sinks hand sanitizers. Most event organizers or construction site supervisors work with established suppliers like Diamond Environmental Services for cost-effective solutions.

Apart from construction sites, these modern systems find extensive use during television or movie shoots and different festivals.

How can you benefit from using portable sinks and hand sanitizers?

Here’s why you will come across construction rentals portable sinks hand sanitizers in most of the sites.

  1. Maintain eco-friendliness at construction site

With these modern systems, the sinks are not connected to a plumbing system. The hand sanitizers and hand washing sinks can be used time and again across different construction sites. Suppliers like Diamond Environmental Services have come up with customized systems that offer hundreds of fresh washes. Besides, you can clean and refill these tanks. So, you can maintain eco-friendliness while eliminating costs for plumbing installations.

  1. Cost-saving accessories

A hand sanitizing and washing station from a reputed brand like Diamond Environmental Sciences is easy to install and use. If you are operating a construction site, you simply need to shell out the rental fee. The suppliers will take care of the removals, refills, maintenance, and installations. So, you can keep the site clean and hygienic.

  1. Ensure proper hygiene in difficult situations

 How about using portable sinks and hand sanitizers in places where it’s challenging to have proper plumbing systems? Consider organizing events or carrying out constructions around large sites, parks, or food trucks. Regardless of the location, you cannot compromise the hygiene. In most of these places, there’s no proper system to sanitize or wash the hands. The systems come with paper towels, soaps, and sanitizers, so that the workers or guests remain germ-free.

  1. Enjoy flexibility at construction sites

 When you carry out construction at a site, the project keeps growing over the months. This implies that the site would also be populated gradually. With portable systems from reputed suppliers, you can enjoy flexibility and scalable services. Since the portable sinks and hand sanitizers are completely mobile, you have the liberty of installing them at any desired location.

  1. Use stand-alone units with portable sinks

Well, construction site supervisors and organizers significantly benefit from stand-alone sinks and sanitizers. They don’t require any plumbing connection or electricity. So, you simply need to get in touch with Diamond Environmental Services for the experts to supply the units and carry out the installation.

Customize portable sinks as per your requirements

Based on your requirements, you can customize the portable sinks once you contact the professionals. Here are some common types of units that you can choose from.

  • 2- basin hand wash sink: It comes with a paper towel dispenser and liquid soap dispenser. Besides, the system operates through foot-operation, which keeps the hands free.
  • 3-basin electric sink: This self-contained system consists of three stainless steel basins, along with two folding drainboards.
  • 3-basin propane sink: Operating on propane, this system supplies hot and cold water. It has a folding drainboard, and you can make it self-contained.
  • 4-basin utensil sinks: These sinks provide the provision of hot and cold water. It has a single basin with two faucets, and the system is totally self-contained.
  • Hand sanitizer: This is a single station with four dispensers, of which one is located at a level accessible from wheelchairs.
  • Holding tanks: The holding tanks are ideal for grey or black wastewater. There are multiple ports for accessing. The installation process is quick and easy. You can choose between 110 and 250 gallons.

Get across to Diamond Environmental Services for the right hardware at your construction site. These systems are easily customizable, so you can choose the one that suits your needs.

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