Construction Rentals Portable Construction Restrooms

Construction rentals portable construction restrooms. Easy customization defines the ease of operation when you rent portable construction restrooms. When you make arrangements for your workers, make sure not to overlook hygiene. Portable site toilets have been dominating recent construction site practices. However, when it comes to customizing these products, you might not be too sure. Different suppliers offer their individual designs, so how do you decide the ones that you should choose?

Established providers such as Diamond Environmental Services have come up with different types of construction rentals portable construction restrooms. In this post, you will get to know the features of different types of restrooms that you can rent at your construction site.

Customizing your construction restroom: How to go about it?

Here are the different variations of portable construction restrooms that you can select.

  • Classic restrooms: This is a single-unit installation that is completely self-contained. It comes with separate urinals and Diamond Environmental Services would provide the servicing on site.
  • Premier restrooms: This is a fully self-contained unit that comes with different options. It comes with a freshwater sink and separate urinals.
  • Handicap restrooms: This portable restroom is non-ADA-compliant, integrated with ramped doors and locks. To ease up the convenience of handicapped people, it comes with support rails and grab bars.
  • ADA restrooms: These portable restrooms are ADA-compliant, where people can get access through wheelchairs. It also comes with support rails and grab bars. ADA restrooms have locks and ramped doors.
  • Solar flushing restrooms: Solar flushing restrooms from Diamond Environmental Services are completely self-contained. These toilets utilize the sunlight to carry out its operations. It also has flushing toilets and a freshwater sink.
  • Portable crane restrooms: In case you need construction rentals portable construction restroomsfor multi-story projects, you should go for portable crane restrooms. It comes with an A-frame for lifting.
  • High-rise restrooms: When you carry out construction work at multistorey projects, you would need this type of restroom. These portable restrooms seamlessly fit into construction elevators. The system involves a single unit with a urinal and restroom. These systems have hinged roofs and a barn door for enhanced privacy. You can easily roll them around as they come mounted on wheels. High-rise restrooms have lifting hooks on them to facilitate installation.
  • Containment pans: These pans come with an eco-friendly design and have impact resistance. To contain water, they have a drip tray. The pans seamlessly fit into the portable restrooms.
  • Premier Plus restroom suites: These restrooms are private stalls that have the facility of hot and cold water. You have the flushing facility in these systems.

How can portable toilets increase the productivity of your workers?

Well, you might have overlooked the fact that portable washrooms enhance the productivity of workers in several ways.

  • In the first place, the workers wouldn’t need extended breaks to visit the public washrooms located close to the construction site. With construction rentals portable construction restrooms, they would need shorter breaks.
  • When a worker gets the liberty to visit off-site restrooms, they might take unnecessary breaks for phone calls, drinks or snacks. This consumes valuable productive hours for the contractors.
  • Workers remain satisfied and happier with all the necessary facilities available at the site. This motivates them to deliver better work. Knowing that the contractors care for them, the workers are likely to step up their productivity.

Now that you are aware of the different types of portable toilets available, you can customize them as per your needs. Reach out to one of the established suppliers like Diamond Environmental Services. The experts will take care of the installation, maintenance, and cleaning services. This way, you can ensure a hassle-free mechanism at your construction site.

Construction rentals portable construction restrooms