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Cleaning Out And Maintaining A Rented Portable Restroom

A portable restroom or toilets are versatile in their use and can thus be used in some situations. What differentiates the portable toilet from a regular toilet is the fact that it is neither connected to a:

Hole or pit in the ground for disposal of sewage or a septic tank for the collection of sewage or is plumbed into the sewage removal system of a municipality so that it can be led to a sewage treatment plant for conversion.

A portable toilet is just as the name suggests; it is portable. Hence it can be carried from place to place based on the requirement and location of installation. Online website agencies dealing in these like the DiamondProvides.com use a pick-up truck to transport the portable restroom to the place of installation.

Of course there are times when they also use special trucks made specifically for this purpose. These trucks are so built that they are also able to transport trailer toilets and luxury toilets from their place of storage to their place of use.

The uploading and downloading of the same are done using a winch in these cases. In others wherein the weight of the portable toilet is not much, it can also be lifted and placed by a workman.

Portable toilets are generally divided into two types, each of which has their own specialty and advantage. They are:

Chemical portable restroom: The basic idea behind this is to collect human waste in holding tanks and then chemically reduce its odor.

Portable camping toilets: These are generally found attached to the different modes of transport like the travel trailers, speedboat etc. and thus is also known as a portable camping toilet.

Urine diversion and dehydration toilets: These are self-contained units consisting of dry toilets having a post-treatment process which helps in the reduction of pathogens.

Other types of portable restrooms: This includes all the other different types of portable toilets that are in use like the:

  • Bucket toilet,
  • Invalid’s commode,
  • Freezing toilets,
  • Incinerating toilets,
  • Compost toilets etc.

All the above portable toilets are generally used in outdoor work sites like construction sites, movie sets, farms, ranches, campsites. They are also used in social gatherings like music concerts, festivals, fetes, fairs, weddings, meetings etc. But in cases where the turnout is very high, it is always advisable to go in for urinal systems supplied by online stores like DiamondProvides.com. This helps to prevent the formation of long queues outside a portable restroom.

The urinal systems have 6, 8, 10 or even 20 or more toilets places one beside the other and each of these is individually accessible at the same time. Alternately bay toilet trailers can also be used, each of which contains about 1 to 2 toilets with a hand washing station. This helps to reduce the load on individual restrooms and also helps to combat high volume traffic toilet requirements.

In instances wherein there is a requirement for separate restrooms and toilets for women, the same also can be organized by the online agencies which are adept suppliers of the portable toilets. This requirement can arise from the fact that women might not be comfortable using the same portable restroom as the men, especially in construction and other outdoor work sites.

Sanitation and hygiene are essential parts of the maintenance of these portable toilets, irrespective of whether they are being used exclusively by men and women individually or together. Hence the cleaning process has to be carried out on a regular basis. This involves:

  • Bringing the collection tanker close to the portable toilet,
  • Taking out a hose with a huge suction cup at its tip,
  • Inserting the suction cup tightly into the toilet bowl,
  • Inducing a suction to pull out the stored sewage from the toilet bowl into the collection tank.

The after cleaning process includes checking the portable restroom to see if the toilet paper present is sufficient or if the soap dispenser is filled.  In instances where the portable potty gets knocked down either due to strong winds and gale or plain vandalism, the contents of the storage containers are sloshed out.

This requires a thorough cleaning of the portable toilet and is a time-consuming process. The post-cleaning process also involves wiping the floor, pouring fresh water into the water tanks, filling the disinfectants and even spraying the portable toilets with air fresheners to take away the bad smell.

But taking portable toilets on rent from agencies like DiamondProvides.com ensures this whole cleaning process becomes hassle-free for the user. The agency supplying the portable toilets has the whole and sole responsibility to ensure that they are kept clean at all times.

This utility of these portable toilets has increased drastically. Today there are many places which make it mandatory to install these toilets for any large gathering slated to take place. In fact installation of the portable toilets, today seems like an integral part of the preparations required for the successful completion of the event.