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Portable Construction Restrooms – Benefits Of Installing At Worksites

Portable construction restrooms provide hygiene at construction worksites to ensure a clean and healthy environment for workers. It also helps to ensure that workers have clean facilities to relieve themselves and also to take a bath to wash away the dust and grime at the end of a hard day’s work. In fact provision of good restrooms also sends a message to the workers that the company cares for them.

This is especially needed since they are working in uncomfortable circumstances as are present on the construction sites. The thought that the company is doing its best to provide whatever comfort they can, acts as a great morale booster for the workers.

There are many other benefits associated with the installation of the restrooms. They are:

More work efficiency: Any worksite which does not have restrooms, forces its men to go about searching and looking for the same in and around the construction site. While they may be able to find one quickly in the malls, restaurants, gas stations or libraries etc., present in and around the worksite, if the construction site is in a remote location, the chances of finding the same also become less.

This makes workers stay away from the worksites for long in their quest for a suitable place to relive themselves thereby delaying the construction work and wasting valuable time. Thus the installation of portable construction restrooms solves the problem thereby increasing worker efficiency.

Improves productivity: Installation of restrooms in the construction work sites also ensures that other distractions do not cause a hindrance in the work being done. Also being able to cool and clean themselves ensures that the workers stay happy and it is a well-known fact that happy workers make productive workers.

Client privacy is protected: All constructions do not take place in new worksites. In fact there are a number of worksites which might be near the client’s home of workplace which might have a restroom already installed. But with the sound, debris and other hassles which the client has to deal with on a daily basis, enabling the workers to use their washrooms can be an extra burden on them and also breach their privacy. This can be prevented by the installation of porta potties in the worksite itself.

Keeps the space clean: Portable construction restrooms are rented from agencies which also take up the onus of ensuring that they are kept clean and hygienic and also have a supply of fresh water ready for use. This helps to keep the surroundings clean, free from germs and devoid of any nasty smells.

Follows the law: There are certain permissions required and certain rules to be followed when obtaining the sanctions and permits for a construction site. It is thus mandatory for construction sites to have portable construction restrooms installed at the worksites. Thus installation of the same also ensures compliance with the rules.
There are many different type of portable construction restrooms available with rental agencies. Some of the different types are:

Classic restrooms: These are single units, fully self-contained with a separate urinal. It also has a washbasin present on the outside. The whole unit can be easily serviced on the worksite itself.
Premier restrooms: As the name suggests, they are a slightly bigger version of the classic restrooms and come equipped with a fresh-water sink. It can also be serviced on-site and there are a variety of options available with this type of restrooms.

Handicap restrooms: These are built in a way so as to make it easier for people with physical handicaps to use the restrooms. They come equipped with a ramped door complete with locks, a grab bar and also support rails.
ADA restrooms: These restrooms are not only ADA compliant but can also be accessed by people using wheelchairs. They also come equipped with a ramped door having locks, a grab bar, support rails, etc.

Solar flushing restrooms: These are green restrooms which are solar powered with a flushing toilet and freshwater sink. These are also self-contained units which are available in a variety of options.

Portable crane restrooms: They have a private restroom and urinal all rolled into one. They are generally used for multiple story projects and can be lifted with the help of the inbuilt A-frame.

High-rise restrooms: These are also multiple story project restrooms which can easily fit into the elevator thereby making it easier to transport them to the higher stories. They have wheels for mobility, a hinged roof and a barn door which provides for ample privacy. They also have lifting hooks present.

Restroom suites: As the name suggests, these are private stalls with running hot and cold water and restrooms with flushes.

Choosing the type of restroom to rent depends on the requirements of the worksites. For simple everyday needs, the classic or the premier restrooms would suffice. But for senior officials visiting worksites regularly, restroom suites help to fulfill their requirement.

This ensures that they can spend quality time on the worksite thereby enabling better supervision, coordination and better utilization of time.

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