Portable Sinks & Hand Sanitizers For Your Events


Portable Sinks & Hand Sanitizers 

Whenever you organize an event where food is involved, it is essential to provide portable sinks and hand sanitizers to your visitors. This step not only helps in improving hygiene, but it also enables you to meet the local regulations. Explore the different types of benefits of using these portable units in your event.

Benefits of Portable Sinks & Hand Sanitizers

A portable unit allows you to provide regular hand washing anywhere. Many times, events are held in places which are far away from any access to washing facilities. A portable unit can be installed anywhere without any restrictions.

It has become a tradition to provide outdoor and indoor portable sinks, hand sanitizers at festivals, exhibitions, and any event where food or drinks are involved. It has also become an essential facility for even medical and health activities.

Important Factors

The hand washing requirements usually differ from one region to another based on the ratio of sinks or sanitizers for the visitors. It also depends on the number of portable restrooms at the event. For example, some regions require a hand wash station per 5 portable toilets.

The more the number of people using portable toilets in an event where food service is provided, the more the number of portable sinks will be required. Now that these mobile units are in the health code inspection checklist for events, it has become essential to meet the minimum requirements.

When you address these requirements, you are providing everyone at your event the opportunity to wash their hands. It is, however, not possible to ensure that everyone washes their hands.

Types of Events Covered

The use of portable sinks and hand sanitizers can benefit everyone, including organizations, businesses, and individuals practicing their hobbies. Companies can use these units for a wide range of events, with some of the common examples being the following:

Food Festivals

Events involving food service can benefit from installing portable sinks. The benefits are even more amplified if it is an outdoor event. It is essential to wash hands for everyone, including those preparing and those consuming it.

So the hand washing and sanitizing facilities are crucial not just for your visitors but also for those making and serving food at your event. Some locations and events make it essential to have portable sinks and sanitizers for food preparation. Some of the crucial factors in this regard cover:

  • Water temperature

  • Paper towels

  • Availability of Soaps

    Job Sites

    Portable sinks are also required for job sites like construction sites. While construction sites can be quite dirty, it is essential to provide modes of maintaining cleanliness to your team. You can choose portable units with hot and cold water to make it easier for your team to remove even dirt and grime from their skin. It is recommended to use units with multiple sinks for such purposes.


    Outdoor concerts are known to create sanitary challenges, but with the choice of the right portable sinks and hand sanitizers, you can meet the hygiene requirements for your visitors.

    When it comes to outdoor events, it is essential to include more portable sinks than just using sanitizers. Such activities will somehow involve more dirt, so it is necessary to provide your visitors with the facility to rinse the dirt and dust. Your guests will undoubtedly appreciate the provision of the amenity.


    Outdoor parties and weddings continue to gain popularity, especially in remote and beautiful locations. More and more couples desire to make their special day unique. Such sites may seem to be more exotic, but access to restrooms and sinks can be a challenge. This is where you will find portable sinks and toilets to be quite beneficial.

    If you have made arrangements for portable toilets for your guests, make sure that enough number of portable sinks and hand sanitizers are also provided. Remember, parties that involve food services want to provide a hygienic environment for all guests and servers to create a positive impression.

    Camping Sites

    Campsites are often located in remote places, and sanitation isn’t a thing on top of people’s priority list. If water isn’t available in the location, then having portable sinks installed in the area can make things much more straightforward.

    You can have access to both hot and cold water in such remote areas. Besides, you can also opt for portable restrooms in such remote areas to add convenience to the overall experience.

    You can also have portable sinks and hand sanitizers installed in a wide range of other events, including corporate events. Make sure to check the local laws to ensure that you are meeting the minimum requirements in terms of the sanitation amenities and the quantities required.

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