Portable Restrooms In Construction Worksites

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Need For Organizing Portable Restrooms In Construction Worksites

Construction worksites are generally places that lack even the most basic of amenities, which effect many people working at the site for many hours at a time. Thus to ensure that the employees stay happy, healthy, and hygienic, there is a need to install portable restrooms in construction worksites.

In the absence of these restrooms, there is a general propensity to pollute the surrounding areas with human waste. An exercise that is unhygienic enough to cause a rise in the number of employees reporting sick while at work and complaints were coming in from the neighbors who would make it difficult for the construction company to execute the project in a hassle- free manner.

In both instances, the parent company financing the project would have to undergo monetary losses both in the form of compensation claims and falling behind schedule. Thus to prevent this problem from escalating to this degree, it is always better to rent out a sufficient number of portable washrooms from companies such as DiamondProvides.com.

These companies are contracted to take up the responsibility of:

  • Transporting the requisite number of toilets from their place of storage to their place of utility,
  • Installing the washrooms to the satisfaction of the employees in areas designated for them,
  • Cleaning the toilets at regular intervals and ensuring that they are empty of human waste from time to time
  • Dismantling and taking them back from their place of utility to their site of storage

Thus this makes for a secure hassle-free life for the construction project managers who do not have to deal with the usual complaints in this regard. The fact that these restrooms, some equipped with specific amenities like a sink, liquid soaps, paper napkins, and ensuring that employees feel happy and cared for.

Types Of Portable Construction Restrooms

The fact that portable construction restroom rental involves the investment of a fraction of what would otherwise have to be invested in building washrooms on site for the workers makes them a popular choice. The variety of portable restrooms available also ensures that there is something to suit the requirement of every construction worksite. Some of the popular types of portable washrooms that are generally installed at construction worksites are:

Self-Serving Portable Restrooms: These are traditional restrooms used in areas where outside servicing is a remote possibility. These restrooms are easy to install, use, and maintain and are also quite inexpensive. They generally use removable toilet cassettes from which the waste can be empty directly into tanks for its disposal at waste collection tanks or waste disposal sites.

Compost Washrooms: This is a green initiative which enables construction worksite employees to use it for longer durations because:

  • They use a waterless system where composting sawdust flushes out the human wastes after every use
  • They are capable of separating the solid and liquid wastes and storing them in composting bins so that they can be cleaned later on.
  • Accessible Washrooms: Many construction worksites employ people who are differently- abled and thus need more interior space and more massive doors for maneuvering. There are also instances where portable washrooms come equipped with ramps to enable ease of access for wheelchairs. These washrooms fall under the category of accessible toilets.

    Portable Washrooms Connected To Mains: These are installed in places where the construction worksite falls under the purview of the local sewage network. Connecting these portable washrooms to the main sewage lines does away with the need to clean and empty them at regular intervals. This makes them extremely convenient to install and use.

    Portable Washrooms With Chemical Recirculation: This is perhaps the cleanest and loved portable toilets that can be installed at construction worksites. They use a mechanism similar to the one employed in airplane washrooms, whereby the presence of an enhanced flush system ensures an odor-free and clean toilet.

    Chemicals are circulated after every use either with the help of a foot pump or a handle. The wastes get dropped into collecting tanks which remain closed at all times. Thus the washrooms remain free of stench and lousy odor emanating from these accumulated wastes.

    These Portable Washrooms & Restrooms In Construction Worksites Also Come Equipped.

    These portable washrooms and restrooms come with specific other amenities like a sink, shower, mirror, and hand basins. This converts them into portable restrooms, thereby enabling workers even to opt to wash their hands and faces when they get too dirty. The fact that these employees can clean-up after the hectic schedule they have to maintain ensures that they stay happy and look forward to coming back to work the next day.

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