What Is Temporary Power & How To Set It Up

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What is temporary power? Temporary power is a solution for arranging power supply for a short period. This is very commonly used in construction sites or outdoor events. It includes setting up power poles, transformers, wiring, switchgear, distribution equipment, and meter panels to ensure enough energy supply.

Temporary power is a good solution when a lot of power is needed for a limited period. By investing in the installation of a temporary power solution, you can maintain and adhere to the project schedule, complete your project in a cost-efficient way and ensure the safety and security of all those at the site.

So, if you need a power supply at a site that does not have access to the mains and your job is planned well, you just need to hire the right company that provides a temporary power setup. 

A guide to setting up temporary power

When you see the need for temporary power, the first step you must take is to look for temporary power companies that can help you determine the most suitable solution. You must start this process well in advance as the complete end-to-end setup can take anywhere from one to eight months, depending on the scale and complexity associated. You must be wondering; how will you know you are selecting the right service provider. Well, you must consider the below factors:

  1. What is your need in terms of amps and volt?
  2. What is the duration for which you need temporary power?
  3. Are there different locations that you want to cover during the project?
  4. What is the turnaround time of the company?
  5. Will they be able to provide consistent power?
  6. Will they be able to understand and cater to your unique needs and requirements?
  7. How is their response time?

The best way of selecting the most suitable company is to get quotes from several service providers. Make sure you vet the quotes and compare them. Ask the right questions and then make the final choice. This is a crucial decision because the company will handle everything from system planning and budgeting, design, coordination, inspections, processing of permits, management of utility fees to verification of utility source. 

Once you have selected the company, you can start coordinating with them. Then obtain the necessary permits, to avoid any shutdowns or penalties. The local utility company will know the regulations and guidelines of your city. With their rapport with the local inspectors, they will be able to help you procure the permits sooner and have higher success during scheduled inspections.

Some useful information to keep in mind 

When you set out on a job of getting temporary power solutions installed, keeping the below points in mind will be of help:

  • The equipment must be housed in a suitable pole or pillar mounted box which is easily accessible from the road.
  • The box must be weatherproof and protected from unauthorized entry or interference.
  • The usually recommended height of a pole-mounted box is about 1.2 to 2 meters from the ground. However, your local service provider will be able to give the exact details as per the local laws and guidelines.

Why should you trust the experts?

While the initial setup of temporary power seems straightforward and simple, the service provider must be an expert to understand the most appropriate pole location, condition of the ground, underground utilities, and the process of proper installation of electrical systems. When you hire trained and experienced professionals they will ensure safe and efficient temporary power solutions for your project. The setup requires care and attention and hence it is important that you find experts you can trust and rely on and let them guide you through the process.

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