Breakaway Compactors

Our Heavy-Duty Octagon Trash Compactor Containers for Roll-Off Trucks are designed with a contoured end, which creates a rolling effect as solid waste is compressed into the container. The unique design of the compactor containers fills voids, resulting in a highly dense compaction. Diamond offers a lease program, installation program, or a outright purchase program.


  • Breakaway

  • Trash and recycling

  • Specifically designed to withstand abuse and ensure strength and longevity

  • Floor and container sides are constructed out of 7 ga. steel plate “backed” with 3″ structural steel channel

  • 8 5/8″ diameter ground rollers

  • Longitudinal rails made of 2″ x 6″ structural steel tubing

  • The door is reinforced with 3″ structural steel channels, deep box sections of 7 ga. steel plate, and 3/4″ x 4″ bar stock hinges

  • Hinges, guide rollers, and ground rollers are equipped with grease fittings

  • Understructures available to fit most roll-off hoists


46 3/8″ (h) x 64″ (w) standard door opening (other sizes optional)

Various container sizes available upon request