Hand Washing Stations – Portable Sinks

Portable Sink Self Contained Hand Wash Station

Commonly named as hand washing stations, portable sinks are self-contained units which enable people to wash their hands. These sinks are generally used in places where the traditional hand washing facilities are not available either due to the unavailability of a water supply system or because of the temporary status of the usage of the same. Thus these portable sinks are commonly used in:

  • Construction worksites
  • Events and festivals
  • Gatherings and occasions
  • Movie  and television shoots
  • Weddings and other parties etc

The importance of portable sinks

lies in the fact that they can be rented for both long and short durations. This makes it functionally and economically viable since it helps perform all the functions of a traditional sink but at an expense which is relatively less than what it would cost to build one at the required site.

Today there are several rental agencies that specialize in portable sinks rental. These agencies like the diamondprovides.com offer a wide variety of portable sinks so that customers can choose one which is best suited for the fulfillment of their requirement. In fact, the presence of proper hand washing facilities enables people to maintain high-quality hygiene in places which are either experience or are set to experience high foot traffic. The cleanliness of the hand-washing stations makes for a family friendly event or worksite thereby drawing people to these sites and events.

The fact that there is a growing demand for rented sinks of various shapes sizes and accompanying facilities is proof of the fact that today customers want choices even for portable sinks. Thus there are several varieties on offer which can be easily rented in lieu for a rental fee.

Varieties of portable sinks

Of the varieties of portable sinks available, the following types are quite common and popular:

Hot and cold portable sink:

As the name suggests, these sinks have facilities for dispensing both hot and cold water. They are thus extremely useful for events requiring a 3basin sink as is the demand for food festivals wherein utensils too need to be washed in the sinks. These sinks have separate basins for washing and cleaning utensils, which include foldable drainboards, and for washing hands. The basin for washing hands comes complete with a soap dispenser and paper napkins for enhanced cleaning facilities.

Sink trailers:

These are ideal for use in events which have a relatively higher number of people in attendance as the audience. Generally, 12 station sink trailers are used to cater to the enhanced demand resulting from many people attending the event. Each station comes complete with a soap dispenser, paper napkins, mirrors and provision for hot and cold water.

2 station sink:

These portable hand-washing units have 2 stations attached together, each with its own soap dispenser, paper napkins or paper towel dispensers. Thus these units allow 2 people to wash hands together thereby making it more convenient for them.

4 station units:

These are compact units which are multi-functional and available for rent for short and long durations. Each of the 4 stations is attached to the other three while individually they come complete with a foot pump to make it hands-free, soap and paper towel dispensers.

There are two other units which are also in demand along with portable sinks. While these cannot be strictly classified under sinks, they do the work of the same yet without the use of water. This makes them ideal for places where there is poor water supply or there is no connection to a water source. These are the:

Foam hand sanitizer:

This economically convenient option provides the perfect hand cleaning solution for places where a traditional portable sink cannot be installed. The foam dispensed from these units can be used to thoroughly sanitize the hand thereby ensuring their hygiene.

Toweled hand sanitizer:

This is another option which works as a great alternative to portable sinks. Here also a sanitizer is used to clean hands and make them hygienic. This is again used in places where a traditional basin or portable sink cannot be set up.

A portable sink is a free-standing unit which is attached to a water source preferably to a tank filled with water. A hand or foot pumped faucet releases this water which can then be used to wash hands and face whenever required. The dirty water is carried away with the help of drain pipes into another collection pump so that they can be disposed of in the proper manner.

The maintenance of these portable rented sinks is generally taken care of by the renting agencies. They clean the sinks at regular intervals, some even cleaning them once a day for places where there is a heavy flow of foot traffic, ensure that the soap dispenser has ample amounts of liquid in it and the towel dispenser or the napkin stand has ample paper towels and napkins respectively.

The utility of these sinks stems from its portability and the portability stems from being free-standing and self-contained. This makes them one of the most wanted and popularly used washroom options for places with no hand washing facilities.