How much do you charge for a portable restroom?

The total cost for a portable restroom depends on the situation. We provide cost-effective basic porta-potty models all the way up to luxurious suites. The best way to find out is to request a free quote, or call us.

What is included when you deliver a portable toilet?

Tissue paper, biodegradable deodorizer, urinal. Our toilets are steam cleaned, bacteria free and ready to use on delivery. Options like hand soap, seat covers, sinks and other extras are available. Call us for a free quote.

Do you pick-up and deliver?

Absolutely. Throughout Southern California. Call us for delivery in your neck of the woods.

How soon can you deliver?

Usually the following day. Same day delivery can be done for an extra delivery fee. We usually deliver between 8:00am and 3:00pm. We are however 24/7 available for immediate emergency deliveries.

When will my toilet be serviced?

When you place your rental order, we will inform you about your scheduled service. You can always call us to reconfirm or reschedule your service.

Can I lock the unit?

Yes. All our units include a hasp. If you want to use your own combo lock we ask for the combination so we can service the restroom. Diamond also provides locks on request.

Can I decide where the unit will be placed?

Yes, however, the unit needs to be accessible for our drivers in order to service the toilet.

Who is responsible for the unit?

As long as the unit is on our customers’ property, they are responsible for it. If you do not have insurance, we can offer that as well.

Can I put the toilet on the street?

Only if you have permission or authorization. Otherwise, the unit need sto be in the customer’s property.

Are the portable restrooms provided with lights?

Our standard restrooms come with a translucent roof that provides enough light during the day. For the evening hours we can provide soft florescent closet light as an extra option.

How is the restroom ventilated?

Our portable restrooms have vents on three sides of the unit, providing fresh air.

How often does my porta-potty needs to be serviced?

That depends on the number of people that will be using the restroom and the amount of time you will using the toilet. Our representatives are happy to help you do the math.

What other products do you have?

We also offer temporary fence rentals, barricades, temporary power and non-hazardous pumping services.

How much does the average portable toilet weigh?

Well, we have toilets in different sizes, but our average porta-potties are between 160 lbs and 330 lbs. Our trailers are of course much heavier. Call us so we can tell you all about it.

How much waste water do the portable units hold?

That again depends on the model, but it’s safe to say that our average portable toilet holds between 60 and 85 gallons.

How many people can use the units?

Generally between 75 and 150 people depending on the model. Our sales people are experts in doing the math so it’s best to give us a call so we can help you. When using a porta potty in a work environment a standard unit would be adequate for usage by 10 to 15 men working an 8 – 9 hour work day, five days per week, with one cleaning per week.

How is the toilet cleaned?

If a toilet needs to be cleaned on the spot, we come by with our trucks that hold vacuum driven pumps. Our people also clean the inside of the toilet while pumping the waste water. This way, one toilet can be used throughout a longer period of time.

Diamond can also provide janitorial services if required. Call us to find out more.

How can you prevent the toilets from smelling bad?

The toilet tank is charged with an eco-friendly biochemical additive which helps in degrading solid waste considerably. The bio degradable chemical liquid also fragranced to prevent foul smell.

I need a toilet in a hard-to-get-to spot. Can you do it?

Most of the time we will find a way to install the toilet wherever you need it. In case the area for some reason cannot be accessed, we will work with you to find a solution.