Portable Toilet With Sink Good For Hygiene 

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Using The Portable Toilet With Sink Combo Enhances Health And Hygiene 

The world is currently reeling under the effects of the COVID pandemic. Till now the only way to combat it is to maintain a good hygiene and keep washing hands for 20 seconds with regular frequency. Maintaining good hygiene is paramount as it facilitates good health by keeping germs and other microbes at bay.

The use of the portable toilet with sink rental provides greater convenience in washing hands. Hence, event organisers need to ensure the presence of the same as a mandatory measure in public events.

Working of a portable toilet with sink rental

As the name suggests in these types of portable toilets a sink is placed atop the toilet tank providing an ergonomic design and enabling environment-friendly water usage. Herein, instead of using water from the toilet tank to make the sink functional, used water from the sink goes to clean the toilet by flushing. Thus, the sink faucet is directly connected to the fresh water supply and the outlet goes to the toilet tank. Fresh water directly goes to the sink by bypassing the toilet tank and used water gets recycled as toilet flushing water. These combos thus help to conserve water.

Advantages of portable toilet with sink rental

There are many advantages associated with the use of the portable toilet with sink rental. This combination is unique and offers a host of interesting benefits like:

  • Water efficiency: This is perhaps the most important reason for its use. With many parts of the world reeling under water crisis, using water without wasting is a very good initiative. Instead of using separate inlets and outlets for the toilet tank and the sink, water usage efficiency is enhanced due to the usage of a single inlet entering the sink and the used water passing into the toilet for reuse.

  • Cost-efficiency: This can be facilitated in two ways. When a portable toilet sink combo is installed, its cost-efficiency gets increased due to:
    • Saving on labour charges that one would otherwise have to incur to install a separate toilet and a separate sink on the event venue and
    • Saving on money to buy additional pipes required for installing the two separately.

  • Space saver: At an outdoor event, the organisers cannot afford to provide large spaces for installing toilets and washrooms. Many other essential things need to be installed within the space available. Also with many people attending the event, the installation of a single portable toilet will also not be enough. Separate individual toilet units or trailers have to be installed in ample numbers to cater to the sanitary needs of the crowd in a hygienic manner. The installation of the portable toilet with sink rental helps save space yet offers the attendees the facilities of both.

  • Easy to install: The toilet sink combo make this rented porta potty compact in design. It becomes easy to transport them from their storage to the venue. With lesser number of inlet and outlet pipes to connect, installation is quick and easy. This saves time and effort and makes the sanitary area look clean and compact. There is also no need to install additional tanks to store the dirty water coming out of the sink and toilet separately.

  • Easy to clean and maintain: Instead of having to clean two separate units, one single compact unit needs cleaning here. Also using the sink water to flush the toilet ensures the disposal of the waste sink water. These combo units can be cleaned more frequently and kept freshly hygienic for a longer time.

Currently most porta potty rental agencies situated in San Marcos ca – San Diego ca prefer offering this combo. Hence, event organisers can offer the best in sanitary care in these times of the COVID pandemic. This makes the event safe to attend.