Hand Washing Stations – Portable Sinks

Portable Sink Self Contained Hand Wash Station

Commonly named as hand washing stations, portable sinks are self-contained units which enable people to wash their hands. These sinks are generally used in places where the traditional hand washing facilities are not available either due to the unavailability of a water supply system or because of the temporary status of the usage of the same. Thus these portable sinks are commonly used in: Continue reading “Hand Washing Stations – Portable Sinks”


Portable Sinks Increase Convenience At Events

Portable Sinks Increase Convenience

A portable sink is perhaps one of the most useful restroom rental benefits offered by the agencies. It helps to make it so much easier to wash hands correctly and in a sanitary manner wherever they are installed. This makes it a trendy option for places where there is a shortage of the traditional sink or in areas where it is not possible to install one. This means places like construction worksites, exhibition grounds, outdoor events, weddings etc., are all perfect places to install a portable sink either permanently or temporarily.

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